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Debate Continues as Constitutional Referendum Vote Approaches
Debate Continues as Constitutional Referendum Vote Approaches
As Saturday's constitutional and historical referendum approaches controversy surrounds the issue. The referendum is the first democratic initiative following Mubarak's ousting.
Thursday, March 17,2011 09:02

As Saturday's constitutional and historical referendum approaches controversy surrounds the issue. The referendum is the first democratic initiative following Mubarak's ousting.

Over 40 million Egyptians are qualified to take their views to the ballots and vote the constitutional amendments expected to set the stage for the upcoming parliamentary and presidential elections scheduled later this year.
According to opposition groups the initiatives, have called for a national vote of no arguing there would be a lack of restrictions on presidential powers and an absence of recognition of the revolution.

Those pushing for no called for Egyptians to resist the amendments and instead push for a new constitution and a transitional oversight panel.
Muslim Brotherhood's media spokesman Dr. Essam El-Erian however votes and pushes for yes stating that Egypt needs to restart political life and hand over power to a civilian rule. He added the MB however is committed to whatever the result is.
A 10 man committee including legal experts and former judges was assembled by Egypt's ruling armed forces to draft the amendments to be voted on last month among the committee was MB lawyer Sobhi Saleh.
The referendum has outlined amendments including  limiting the president to two four-year terms, capping emergency laws to six months and placing elections under judicial supervision.


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