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MB condemns attack on ElBaradei
MB condemns attack on ElBaradei
The Muslim Brotherhood condemns the vicious attack on ElBaradei, describing it as an uncivilised and disgraceful incident.
Saturday, March 19,2011 21:11

The Muslim Brotherhood's media spokesman Dr. Saad Ketatni condemned the attack on ElBaradei, describing it as an uncivilised and disgraceful incident.

As tensions rose with the historical referendum a crowd of angry men attacked former IAEA chief Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei who is widely respected.  The reform campaigner ElBaradei was pelted with rocks, and bottles outside a ballot station in Muqattam a Cairo district. ElBaradei was forced to quickly drive away after his car was attacked. He left without casting his vote.

Ketatni stated that it is shameful that ElBaradei and his supporters were attacked stressing that the Noble Peace Laureate is a distinguished public figure who deserves to be appreciated. The group calls for those responsible to be held accountable stressing that regardless of ideological differences ElBaradei is a patriotic figure who deserves to be given his due.

ElBaradei who is known to work for a tolerant multiethnic society and a democracy that ensures freedom of religion, speech and the right of people to lead lives of dignity accused appointed thugs by remnants from the ousted Mubarak regime as being behind the attack.

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