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Actions by Salafi Groups Threaten the Revolution's Greatest Achievements
Actions by Salafi Groups Threaten the Revolution's Greatest Achievements
We call on all factions, non-governmental organizations, armed forces and the government to unite in saving the revolution and defending the spirit of liberty by stopping the actions and holding all responsible accountable. A coalition, must be instrumental in its organizing action against those down laying the success of the revolution.
Monday, April 4,2011 04:09
by Khaled Hamza IkhwanWeb
Egypt’s successful Revolution was triggered, in part, by the widespread oppression, social injustices and deepening  regime's corruption,  yet sustaining the flame of liberty lit in Tahrir Square appears to be more difficult than anticipated.

The  remnants of the deposed Mubarak’s regime and the beneficiaries of corrupt society are trying vigorously to dampen the spirit of the people, and undermine the revolution's greatest achievements of bringing people together regardless of their social class, ideological differnces and religions; all united under the banner of the empowering Egyptian nationalism. 

On the other hand, we saw how some Salafi trends during the early days of the Revolution, took the liberty of issuing religious decrees labeling the protestors as "sinners" for opposing the country’s leader, calling to support a corrupt and oppressive regime.  However, only after the collapse of the regime, elements from the Salafi groups have surfaced to tarnish the image of our freedom by destroying shrines and graves built within mosques, acting upon their own extremist interpretation of Islam. Such actions and threats of further destruction are counter-productive and are against the spirit of our great Egyptian revolution. We strongly condemn such actions, which are a clear attack on government and public property, and violate the tolerant teachings of Islam.

It appears sadly that some Salafists, after years of opposing politics, want to step in to undermine the revolution by abusing democracy and taking advantage of the freedom Egyptians have fought and sacrificed their lives for, in order to impose their ideology. Although Islam promotes democracy, which means freedom, it does not justify the wanton destruction of property public or private regardless of motives.

We call on all groups, civil society institutions, armed forces and the government to stand united to save the revolution and defend our liberties by putting and end to these irresponsible actions and holding all responsible accountable.

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Really? om solaym
There's no evidence that salafis were the ones who demolished the shrines and it will turn out to be another lie like the many other lies told about Salafism recently, and it is really disappointing that you (MB) also participate in the game of demonizing the salafis especially that your are coordinating with them on a high level and Salafi clerics attend and speak at your conferences! If you are really against the salafis then plz don't take advantage of their supporters and Shyookh coz this is unethical
Tuesday, April 5,2011 06:34
Forgot to mention om solaym
I forgot to mention that today there was a MB conference in Maadi and one of the Salafi leaders was invited and they discussed that salafis had nothing to do with the fake news being spread nowadays. Also this News website states that they were thugs who demolished the shrines NOT SALAFIS http://www.youm7.com/News.asp?NewsID=383980&SecID=203&IssueID=161 Salafis even offered to protect the shrines! And btw we participated in the revolution from the start and some of the leaders like sheikh Abdel Maqsood and Sheikh Nash2at were in Tahrir so plz stop spreading lies. MB also didnt officially participate from the start and actually tried to make a deal with Omar Soleiman to end the revolution!! I wonder how brothers like you who suffered for years from prosecution and demonization now participate in such a filthy game to demonize their brothers while under the table they are seeking their support to win the elections.Our shyookh tell us to support MB and this is another proof that we are not seeking any political privileges but we are only coordinating for the sake of Islam. PS: i dont care if you dont post this comment but I only care that this message gets delivered to you and I will try to deliver it to other MB members.
Tuesday, April 5,2011 06:58
MB!Fear your Lord who shall call you to jugdement. salafiyaah is now the only stumbling block you have and you are bent on destroying them with every satanic weapon within your reach eg lies, propaganda, set up and posibly assassination. forget not " SURELY THE ARMY OF ALLAH WILL SURELY TRIUMPH. The world is watching your evil move go on you shall soon be destroyed INSHA ALLAAH TA'ALA AAMIINN 1
Tuesday, April 5,2011 22:13
Stop hijacking the name of the true Salaf. Why the Double speak by Salafis?
Why were the Salafi opposing Democracy and supporting the dictator Mubarak while after his fall, they are abusing democracy. What are the views of the Salafi movement on Christians and Jews? You guys are tarnishing the image of all Muslims and dividing the Ummah wherever you go, shame on Saudi Arabia the hub of Salafism that opposed the Revolutions revealing their true hypocrisy.
Monday, May 9,2011 08:23
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