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MB statement concerning Mubarak's recorded speech
MB statement concerning Mubarak's recorded speech
In an unexpected and surprising recording Egypt's ousted President Mubarak denied accusations and allegations that he had accumulated illicit wealth during his rule.
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Monday, April 11,2011 08:55
In an unexpected and surprising recording Egypt's ousted President Mubarak denied accusations and allegations that he had accumulated illicit wealth during his rule.

According to numerous opposition factions his speech came too close to the prosecutor general's order which summoned Mubarak and his family to stand trial and to be accountable to the massacres, committed during the January 25 revolution and the murdered protestors who were killed in response to his orders.

It is on this note that the Muslim Brotherhood believes that Mubarak issued this statement realizing the seriousness of the accusations against him. The deposed Mubarak hoped to distant himself and his family from the crimes in an attempt to avoid trial.
The MB believes that further delay or impediments leading to the ousted dictator and his family's trial will only anger the people who have suffered thirty years of tyrannical rule and are eager to see justice served. Two months have passed since his stepping down and tensions are rising.

The crimes committed by Mubarak and his aides have been revealed and the massacre committed by his regime with the knowledge of the senior officials must not be left unpunished regardless of former positions; no exceptions should be made. If those responsible are left without trial the Revolution would have failed to serve its purpose demonstrating tilted scales where some remain above the law.
Their trial is a priority to appease the anger of the people who witnessed Mubarak and his henchmen's arrogance, oppression and corruption.  

Prior to January 25 Egypt had witnessed many tragedies and major declines in all fields including political, economical, and social. Many innocent people faced torture and unjust prison sentences and it is imperative all involved be held accountable. The former regime must bear responsibility for the neglect of the people and its responsibilities where recurring accidents resulting from carelessness have claimed thousands of lives.
Moreover the regime must bear responsibility for the number of youths who committed suicide as result of desperation and depression to the dark future which they saw ahead of them.
This and many other irregularities in which Mubarak has overseen must be punished and all responsible be tried to appease the angry people.

The MB adds its voice with those of the people in Tahrir Square who call for the hasty trial of Mubarak who not only failed to demonstrate compassion to his people but supervised over their killings during the first days of the Revolution which succeeded in toppling his corrupt regime
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