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Sufis and Salafis Unappeased
Sufis and Salafis Unappeased
During a conference held by the Muslim Brotherhood in Beheira in a bid for reconciliation between the Sufis and Salafis both failed to see eye to eye regarding the destruction of shrines.
Monday, April 11,2011 17:47
During a conference held by the Muslim Brotherhood in Beheira in a bid for reconciliation between the Sufis and Salafis both failed to see eye to eye regarding the destruction of shrines.
The Sufis rejected the Salafis actions of destroying shrines and tombs of revered religious figures describing them as anti-Islamic.
Sheikh Ahmed Sebaie refused to sign the reconciliation document unless it stated that demolishing the shrines was against the Islamic law and forbidden in Islam however the clause was not added which resulted in no resolution.
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About Salafi Sufi disagreement --MB effort shah Abdul Hannan
MB must continue effort.Whatever the views the Salafis want to maintain let them do that .But no destruction by them of shrines.This will increase tension.Islam also does not allow to take law into private hands when the State is there.
Tuesday, April 12,2011 15:28
unity tranparamole.multiply.com
to unite, for both, is better.
Tuesday, April 12,2011 18:23
Iportence for unity in islam Muhemmed Aroos
Dear Muslim brothers there is no room in Islam for internal divisions among Muslim\'s, but unfortunately lack of proper knowledge on word of Allah SWT,and the sunnah of prophet muhemmed PBOH had led in to this crisis situation among Muslims, finally i have to remind our muslim brothers who are living in egypt, there is nothing called sufis and salafis in islam, as fare as my knowledge is concern this is basically against the law of Allah SWT, because Allah SWT has already tagged us a title that is the title of MUSLIMS, further more, for people who have forget the definition of Muslim,Muslim means ( A person who submit his wile to Allah SWT, Brothers I wanted to remind my self as well as you, About the incident or the war took place between Aysha PBH, and Alli PBH, this incident is an ideal Example set by the Allah SWT (THE PLANNER OF PLANNERS) SUBBAHANNALLAH to remind us even though the parties who are directly involved in the conflict are innocent And there ultimate intention would be to do good things for islam and muslims, there can be black ships among them (MUNNAFIK) who might be working for anti-muslim elements for example (U.S AND ITS POLICY, C I A,MOSARD, RAW(indian inteligence)RUSSIA etc) we all know about these buggers, one of there famous and latest operation against ua was and is the 9/11 ( INSIDE JOB and there so called al qaida , so brothers it is our time to learn islam THE SOLUTION FOR HUMANITY , IF EGYPT HAS TO RE BUILD ITSELF IT HAS ONLY ONE ALTERNATIVE THAT IS SHARIA LAW,I DID NOT MEAN THE WAY IT IS PRACTICED IN SO CALLED KINGDOM (which is against islam, which teachers us about the real democracy which is participative democracy(MASURA) NOT LIKE THIS USELESS SO CALLED REPRESENTATIVE DEMOCRACY (PARLIAMENT OR SEN NET SYSTEM) WHICH NEVER EVER REPRESENT THE COMMON MAN FOR EXAMPLE THE SO CALLED LARGEST DEMOCRACY INDIA) IF WE ANNALISE AND see why these sort of ruling system are not working for us, because these are less knowledge d man made which is always build based on selfishness but the law of our creater who knows the best,) IF BROTHERS IN EGYPT YOU GUYS REALLY WANT TO RE BUILD YOUR NATION WITH SOLVING THIS COMMUNAL PROBLEM, A STRATEGIC SOLUTION FROM ME WOULD BE TO RULE ACCORDING TO QURAN AND SUNNAH, AND ANNALISE THE WAY IN WHICH THE LEADING COMPANIONS OF PROPHET MUHEMMED PBH RULED, IF YOU FOLLOW THIS IN LESS THAN 5 OR 6 YEARS NO DOUBT THAT YOUR COUNTRY WILL BECOME THE SUPPER POWER IN THE WORLD IN EVERY ASPECTS BECAUSE ISLAM IS A TOTAL SOLUTION,NOT LIKE OTHER USELESS SO CALLED SOLUTIONS SUCH AS CAPITALISM AND COMMUNISM ETC,( AND I HAVE TO REMIND YOU GUYS THAT INFECT I HAVE TO CHARGE YOU GUYS IN BILLIONS SINCE I HAVE REMIND YOU GUYS THE AL TIME BEST, POLITICAL,SOCIAL,ECONOMICAL THEN WHAT ELSE, EVEN THE SO CALLED CONSUL-TEN MY SELF CAN NOT CALCULATE OR UNDERSTAND THE OVER ALL DIRECT ,INDIRECT AS WELL AS SHORT TERM AND LONG TERM EXCLUSIVE BENEFITS THAT A COUNTRY WOULD GET IF THEY PRACTICE ISLAME AND ITS LAW PERFECTLY)
Thursday, April 14,2011 04:50
Extremism Abdelkarim al-Kanadi
Prophet (peace be upon him) warned Muslims by saying, “Eeyakum wal ghulu fiddeen. Fa innahu ahlaka man kaana qablakum al ghulu fiddeen (Ibn Maaja). This translates as, “Avoid extremism in religion. For extremism has destroyed its practitioners in the past.” This saying is related by Ahmed, Ben Maja, al-Hakim and is found in Sahihan collections.
Thursday, April 14,2011 05:36
Sufis and Salafis Unappeased Kemal
The Problem is that the believe from Sufis is not Proved from Quran and Sunnah. The People are not know what these people believe in. If someone goes to a Islamic Unversity, they will learn and get proved Knowledge from Quran and Sunnah and the muslims are following only the last Prophet Mohammed S.A.W. because last Prophet Muhammed said in his Hadith ''If someone says I'm knowing the right way follow me!'' its meaning the Prophet had not understand Islam and they people have understand it and they know the true way to paradise! Mohammed s.a.w. says ''those people who try the people to remove from my Sunnah, this are helldogs which will never come out from hell!
Tuesday, June 14,2011 21:02
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