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Ousted Mubarak served 15-day detention order
Ousted Mubarak served 15-day detention order
The 83 year old ousted President Mubarak was ordered detention soon after both his sons Alaa and Gamal also received the pending order for investigation.
Wednesday, April 13,2011 13:49
The 83 year old ousted President Mubarak was ordered detention soon after both his sons Alaa and Gamal also received the pending order for investigation.
The deposed Mubarak has faced accusations of corruption, abuse of authority and the killings of protesters during the uprising that ousted him from power.

A statement from the prosecutor general's office early Wednesday announced Mubarak’s detention and was posted on the social networking site Facebook.

According to the statement investigations were underway into allegations of assaults, killings and injury of protesters, corruption, squandering of public funds, and the abuse of authority for personal gain.

The post was a welcome surprise to the millions of people who faced continued oppression by the former regime including those who dared speak out against the regime including members from the Muslim Brotherhood opposition, 6th of April Movement and others.
The statement was also an attempt to appease the families of those killed and injured during the 18 days of protests that toppled Mubarak and his regime in mid-February.
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