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Muslim Brotherhood launches TV Channel
Muslim Brotherhood launches TV Channel
Mohsen Radhi: It is a moderate, independent mediator
Journalist and Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohsen Radhi ensured that Al-Ikhwan channel, that will soon be launched, will represent the Muslim Brotherhood and its moderate thinking, pointing out that it will present unbiased opinions.
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Thursday, April 14,2011 08:35
by Salah Al-Din Hassan IkhwanWeb


Journalist and Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohsen Radhi ensured that Al-Ikhwan channel, that will soon be launched, will represent the Muslim Brotherhood and its moderate thinking, pointing out that it will present unbiased opinions.

He stated in an interview with “Islam Online” that the channel will make use of all prominent journalistic entities, even if they did not belong to the Brotherhood. He reveled that the channel will also broadcast TV series and movies, as well as women who are not bound by Islamic attire, as long as their attire is acceptable by the Egyptian society, culture, and values. 

Experience before trust

Since this is the first time you launched a TV channel in Egypt, who established this channel and what vision and philosophy was the channel built upon?

We do not wish to reveal the names of those who established the channel as of yet. However, they are in the process of establishing the vision and plan of the channel so that it would better express the moderate views of the Brotherhood.

What is the vision and plan?

The gist of the vision is that the channel needs to display a message that would achieve renaissance, development, and culture in the Egyptian society, as well as displaying different issues in an exciting informative, and unbiased manner, that will suit all sincere Egyptian citizens and better contribute to the liberation of Egyptian media.

Do the entities and establishers possess experience or are they merely people you trust?

No doubt that we would rely more on credentials and experience; experience is most crucial in the upcoming period.

To what extent will the channel represent your ideological views?

The channel will most definitely represent the Muslim Brotherhood’s identity and activities that will serve to better illustrate who the Muslim Brotherhood are and what they seek.

Will the channel follow the policies of the Ikhwanweb, the Brotherhood’s website?

No doubt the channel will be broader and will be better financed and distinctive. The most important aspect is that it will concentrate on broadcasting documentaries that will confirm the truth about Egyptian history, better address Egyptian issues, contribute in developing the attribute of nationalism, and will cooperate with all media establishments to free it from borders and boundaries.

The fall of an oppressive regime

How much involvement will the Brotherhood’s leaders have in the channel, and how will that affect its scope of work?

The leaders have nothing to do with the channel or its organizers. We are fully aware of the independence of the channel, or else it will inevitably fail. In addition to that, the organizers themselves will only be in charge of developing the policies only, after that the professionals will take over in an independent and free manner.

The brotherhood always looked towards media as a means for spreading thought, not something that should be developed. Is this why there are probably no known media professionals within the Brotherhood?

I believe that things changed now. Also keep in mind that the Egyptian security forces were always keeping an eye on the Brotherhood to the point that media professionals that were members of the Brotherhood would have to hide their identities when working in the media business. However, I believe now that the group changed its strategies with this regard, because the regime that was oppressing the Brotherhood is now gone, and it’s about time the Brotherhood deals with itself and society as a presenter of a project worthy of implementation. Therefore, it will work to demonstrate its thoughts in a way that can practically illustrate its beliefs.

The Brotherhood did not criticize the website when it was launched, are we to expect any criticism with the channel?

No doubt the channel will be different than Ikhwanweb, because the website was like a virtual spokesman for the group and needed to maintain certain boundaries; the channel will not. It will be completely independent.

Astonishing freedom

Who are the media professionals in the channel, and will you feature such personalities as Hamdy Kandeel and Mahmoud Saad?

Of course we will feature prominent figures, even if they were not from the Muslim Brotherhood, and we will encourage and support other professionals so that they will become prominent as well and will be accepted by the audience, God willing.

It seems as though the Brotherhood does not have prominent media professionals, or at least not widely known.

The Brotherhood possesses people with very high credentials, but the circumstances of the previous period did not aid them in better displaying their identities. All I need to say is that the most prominent and successful channels were aided in reaching where they are today by members of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Will the channel be able to compete with private channels that are not bound by any form of censorship?

Believe me, the channel will have a level of freedom that will astonish and surprise everyone.

Will you accept any official criticisms from the brotherhood?

Of course, the philosophy of the channel will require us to accept the opinions of others.

Will the channel address local, regional, and international issues?

The channel will display a variety of internal and external issues.

Do you have the financial capabilities to do this?

Yes, defiantly. We are fully aware of the importance of expertise and finances.

Advocacy and professionalism

There used to be a problem with the Brotherhood in combining advocacy and professionalism, will the channel harmonize them better?

The channel will be professional in displaying its message, but it will not be tactical like other group and movement-owned channels.

Dramas and modesty

What is your stance in regards to issues such as dramas and movies?

We will display drama series; the Egyptian society loves such things. However, we will only display things that are in tune with the culture and values of the Egyptian society and the Islamic faith.

Do you believe that there is ample amount of such dramas?

Yes, I believe so.

Does this mean that you would display women without Hijab?

Yes, with consideration to modesty and values.

This answer is rather flexible. I believe that I answered the question.

What new works do you wish to display in terms of dramas, arts, and journalism?

There will be a high number of productions in terms of dramas, movies, and documentaries, that will enrich the cinematic arena, as well as engaging in things that we were not allowed to engage in under the previous regime.


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Media..... Kathy P
I would love to see that in an english language format.. That would be amazing....
Monday, April 18,2011 03:38
Ikhwan channel zahid
Why MB needs a tv channel which will display women without hijab ?
Monday, April 18,2011 09:57
Tuesday, April 19,2011 07:12
islam&cinema thanveer kerala
why they are asking this questions again when the world is amazed about the films from Islamic Iran?
Tuesday, April 19,2011 15:53
Hijab wizr
Doesnt MB has own Islamic identity to protect? Look at press TV, how their reporters Muslims & nonMuslims wear hijab and respect the Muslim requirements for the ladies.
Sunday, April 24,2011 14:52
salam Pasoon Gada
it will be GREAT If you launch the TV in english too.
Thursday, April 21,2011 17:06
TV Channel Lutfi
Best of luck. It is a really important area to be involved in. Some will criticise for "lose morality" etc but if we don't have committed muslims trying to strike a balance that takes society with them we will have left it to other forces which serve other goals. We have a diverse society and we must reflect them. Bear in mind the saying to " speak to people according to their level of understanding". Religion must not always be a dry topic and frivolity is not always bad. Its all a question of correct balance.
Saturday, May 21,2011 13:53
TV channel Mohammed
The Muslim world at this point is suffering from a lot of media attacks and misrepresentation, I hope this will be done in English and not only for the Egyptians. but for the whole world.......
Monday, July 11,2011 16:01
Tv Channel....Hijab Abu Muetesim
As Wr Wb Brothers Ikhwan should give due attention for the "Hijab" case!!! The channel should keep Islamic values in best way they should be and tightly attach to the prophetic tradition. OK. May Allah be with you and Help you for the success of the TV channel.
Thursday, July 21,2011 11:14
Tv Channel Abu Muetesim
As Wr Wb Brothers It is better for the channel to consider Muslims, esp. MB members, outside Egypt. It think you can consider Us Insha'Allah. May Allah be with you All.
Thursday, July 21,2011 11:19
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