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Serious Developments in Al-Azhar students Case
Serious Developments in Al-Azhar students Case
As part of the investigations surrounding Al-Azhar University students case; Ikhwanweb learned that agents from the State Security Investigators (SSI) searched last Sunday morning Al-Azhar University dormitory and Al-Safa city buildings, and took video footages of places where the arrested student once lived.
Thursday, December 21,2006 00:00
by Saeed Abbady IkhwanWeb

As part of the investigations surrounding Al-Azhar University students case; Ikhwanweb learned that agents from the State Security Investigators (SSI) searched last Sunday morning Al-Azhar University dormitory and Al-Safa city buildings, and took video footages of places where the arrested student once lived. Such a move usually indicates that the government is building up a case against the students before taking them to court, something that may pose a risk to their academic future.

In a statement to Ikhwanweb, lawyer Ahmed Helmi, the secretary general of the freedoms committee in the bar association and manager of Huriya human rights center, said:"The state security prosecution resorted to such measures in the cases that involved the Muslim Brotherhood group which were referred to martial courts" which raises the fears that the government might be preparing not to try the students before civilian courts, according to Helmi

Helmi pointed out that he is about to launch a campaign that includes all human rights centers to demand releasing the students, specially that final exams are nearing, something that may affects their future.

It is worth mentioning that the incidents of this case started with a sit-in staged by Al-Azhar University students in protest at rigging the student union election and the university decision of dismissing seven students who formed the so called "Free Union"; this sit-in included a parade that resembled Palestinian resistance parades as the students wore resistance masks and clothes and carried out a marital arts performance.

After that, the government media launched a campaign against the Muslim Brotherhood group, accusing it of forming militias; some felt that the media campaign presages a new arrest campaign inside the lines of the group.


مظاهرة نقابة الصحفيين للمطالبة بالإفراج عن أحمد عز الدين


On Thursday 14 December 2006 at dawn, the security forces raided Al-Azhar University dormitory and arrested a big number of university students, and they broke into some rented flats in which the students were living. Also, the security forces have raided houses of some Muslim Brotherhood group leaders and arrested them and raising to 140 the number of detainees:
This is a list of some of those arrested pending trial No. 963 of the year 2006 Higher State Security Prosecution; other names will be released soon

First: MB group leaders: (16 persons):

1)Engineer / Mohamed Khayrat Al Shater – Freelance engineer – MB second deputy chairman
2)Ahmed Ezzuddin Ahmed - Media adviser of the MB Chairman
3)Engineer / Ayman Abdel Ghany – Freelance engineer – Secretary General of the students section in the group
4)Dr. / Mahmoud Abu Zeid – Chairman of the students section in Al-Azhar University
5)Dr. / Salah Al Desouki- a doctor- surgery department professor in Al-Azhar faculty of medicine
6)The doctor / Farid Glbt a professor - international law professor at sharia faculty and the Al-Azhar law
7)Dr. / Essam Abdul Mohsen- professor - biochemistry professor Al-Azhar sciences faculty
8)Engineer / Mamdouh Ahmed Al Husseini – Freelance engineer
9)Mahmoud Mursi - accountant
10)Sayed Maarouf - accountant
11)Gamal Shaban - accountant
12)Mohamed Mehana Hassan- auditor
13)Sadek Al Sharqawi - accountant
14)Yasser Mahmoud Abdou - accountant
15)Fathi Al- Baghdadi - engineer
16)Mostafa Mohamed Salem - accountant

Second: the group of students:

1)Ahmed Hussein Sabe – Faculty of Commerce (second grader)
2)Ahmed Tharwat Al Sayed  – Faculty of Commerce (first grader)
3)Ahmed Mostafa Etman - Faculty of Commerce (first grader)
4)Ahmed Gad Al Karim Abdul Rahim - Faculty of Commerce (first grader)
5)Ahmed Mohamed Kamel - Faculty of Commerce (second grader)
 6)Abdullah Mohamed Al Morshedi - Faculty of Commerce (first grader)
7)Ahmed Mohamed Qotb Siyam - Faculty of Commerce (second grader)
8)Mohamed Tarek Ahmed - Faculty of Commerce (third grader)
9)Mahmoud Matar Mahmoud - Faculty of Commerce (fourth grader)
10)Al Mutasem Billah Essam Al Brbira - Faculty of Commerce (first grader)
11)Ahmed Atef Mohamed - Faculty of Theology (second grader)
12)Hazem Mohamed Ahmed - Faculty of Theology (second grader)
13)Mohamed Ibrahim Abul Naga - Faculty of Theology (first grader)
14)Ibrahim Nasr Al Sayed - Faculty of Theology (first grader)
15)Mohamed Abdul Hadi Ramady - Faculty of Theology (fourth grader)

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 Pictures From Photographer Nasser Nouri

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