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Commission accuses Mubarak’s Sons of Masterminding Attacks on Protestors
Commission accuses Mubarak’s Sons of Masterminding Attacks on Protestors
A much expected report fromthe Fact Finding Committee on Egypt’s January 25 Revolution was released today.
Tuesday, April 19,2011 19:43

A much expected report from the Fact Finding Committee on Egypt’s January 25 Revolution was released today.  

According to The report live ammunition was used by police on January 28th and 29th. The report accused Alaa and Gamal Mubarak, former head of the Shura Council Safwat El-Sherif, lawyer  Mortada Mansour, and Ibrahim Kamel as being the instigators  behind the “Battle of the Camel,” which left several protesters dead and injured on February 2.

The report confirmed 846 protesters were killed and Injuries were numbered at 6,467 including 26 police officers and policemen and 189 prisoners.

The committee asserted the police and interior ministry were responsible for organising and carrying out the attacks and that there were snipers shooting from above Tahrir Square.

The fact-finding committee issued a statement making several recommendations, among which are issuing a new constitution that ensures democracy.

Added to the statement were calls for revising all the laws that inhibit freedom in Egypt, such as laws that govern political engagement; revising the taxes on businessmen and creating a scaled tax system; revising the education system and issuing a law criminalising any religious, political or racial discrimination.

The committee’s recommendations are also in alignment with the demands of the revolution.

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