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London-based MB leader: Egyptian Revolution Will Affect Relations with Israel
London-based MB leader: Egyptian Revolution Will Affect Relations with Israel
Senior London-based MB leader, Mohammad Ghanem said this revolution would not be called a success unless it spreads throughout the entire Middle East and Muslim world.
Monday, May 2,2011 10:01
by Al-Sayyed Al-Abbadi IkhwanWeb

Senior London-based MB leader, Mohammad Ghanem said this revolution would not be called a success unless it spreads throughout the entire Middle East and Muslim world. When Egyptians say we should attain independence and should finalize the relations between Egypt and Israel, but that is considered wrong as it will take us back to the same position we were in originally.

The Egyptian revolution should not only promote the 'Ummah' as one but also change Israel's policy towards the rights of the Palestinian people, he says.

In exclusive statements to the official English website of the Muslim Brotherhood "Ikhwanweb", Ghanem said that the Egyptian revolution brought about radical changes in both internal and external affairs, as well as Egypt's international relations.

Egyptians are moving towards a new Egypt. Now when we say new Egypt, it has two elements, the internal one and the external one.

By this revolution we have to aim to bring back the united Ummah as it was before, then one of the objectives is to bring back the earlier more united Ummah together and when you attain that healthy political mood, then the relation with Israel has to change, and Israel has to respect the rights of the Palestinian people as a part of the whole area.

After that we can regain the balance which can give the Palestinian people a fair deal and make the whole region stable, but talking again about national security for the Egyptian regime all these slogans will put us back, and for this revolution to succeed and gain the fruit from it, we must complete until the external affect is felt in the whole Middle East. I am not saying make the whole Middle East one country, no! With all its courtiers, they have to bring the entity of the nation again.

When you get the entity of the nations with healthy political and repairing the structure in the whole area, then you can talk about a new era, internally and externally and worldwide.

Asked about Mubarak, Ghanem said the case now has become completely legal. Whichever prison the general persecutor put him in or put him in Sharm el-Sheikh, it is a legal process. In my opinion, I would see that it is dangerous to put Mubarak in Tura prison where all his government and most of the national parties are; [that would be] putting or helping the old gangs to get together, God knows what the outcome will be.

It is very wise, regardless of Mr. Mubarak's health, to keep him away, and also to divide those gangs into more than one prisoner to remove any chance for them to get together, maybe to plan another conspiracy or whatever those people are capable of doing.


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Response to False Ideologies AbrahamAlkhodry
I am deeply offended by this comment as countless people, whether Muslim or Christian, are and surprised by the fact that it was allowed on this page. This comment is an obvious hateful attack on the person of the Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him) with no objectivity whatsoever. There is no place for ignorant and hateful speech based on religious bigotry on Ikhwanweb. There is a consensus among a great number of persons from all religions and cultures that the Prophet was a most honorable human being to ever pace this earth bar none including his brothers in prophet-hood and Prophet Issa among them. There is gross ignorance by the writer of the fact that Muslims do not pray to any human being including the Prophet and devote their prayers to Allah Al-Mighty. Egypt was conquered by the armies of Islam in the 7th Century due in the large part to the fact that the populations in Egypt and North Africa endured more than three centuries of persecution and death by the Roman Church for theological reasons and desired freedom from the yolk of religious slavery practiced by that church. There are historical precedents to pork eating during Roman times and the imposition by necessity or practice of eating this meat which carried into our times. Modern day Christian pork consumers argue that Prophet Issa gave a blanket approval for eating it. This is a great falsehood attributed to him for there is no shred of evidence that he himself ever ate this meat or blanket approved its consumption. Regardless of the methods of preservation and historical period, pork meat has its unique set of inherent biochemical, microbiological and structural problems, which render it harmful to human health. The mixing of pigs in this comment reflects the devotion of the commenter to this filthy and unclean animal which puts him at par with this animal.
Tuesday, May 3,2011 23:40
Muhammad the greatest Tahsin the American
No other man in the history of the world was as successful as Muhammad(Peace Be upon him). He accomplished what no other has done in a spiritual and secular role.Founded a religion , financial system, city ,state, code of morality and a new culture in his life time that still exits today.No other person has done that.Muhammad (Peace be upon him)did it all in his life time.In fact, what he did was impossible, in other words it was a miracle.Sure there has been other conquerors and religious leaders but none did it all as Muhammad (Peace be upon him)did.He was a good man who was clearly being moved by God.By the way Muslims don\\\'t worship Muhammad or any other creation unlike other religions we worship God Alone with no additions , subtractions of adulterations or confusion.It would be wise for you and your family to turn away from polytheism and accept The religion of Abraham, Jesus and all the prophets Islam.
Wednesday, May 4,2011 06:10
I am appalled Shah Baten
I am appalled that the despicable rants by one Abdel Shaeed was allowed to publish here. The moderator (is there one?!) says, "We allow all opinions except those including swear of offence". I must say that the so called comments by Abdel Shaeed is deeply offensive, full of swear words and its difficult to carry on reading for any right-minded sane human being. His privilage of commenting in this page should be revoked.
Friday, August 5,2011 09:10
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