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Fighting terrorism requires more than just killing Bin Laden
Fighting terrorism requires more than just killing Bin Laden
The killing of Osama Ben Laden might help to put a closure for the thousands of families who lost their loved ones to al Qaeda, and represents a major symbolic victory for governments waging the so called “War on Terror”, however it will not put an end the ideology of terror and violence in the world unless its real reasons are addressed.
Monday, May 2,2011 20:16
by Khaled Hamza IkhwanWeb

The killing of Osama Bin Laden might help to put a closure for the thousands of families who lost their loved ones to al Qaeda, and represents a major symbolic victory for governments waging the so called “War on Terror”, however it will not put an end the ideology of terror and violence in the world unless its real reasons are addressed. The elusive definition of terrorism has been further complicated by failure of the US War on “terror” to make a distinction between legitimate military operations against occupation, and terrorism, which further complicated the relations between the West and the Muslim world. 

 Furthermore, and as a result of the 9/11 attacks, the Western politicians and the media attempted to link Islam to terrorism, consequently Islamophobia has swept through the West, putting the life of many Muslims at danger by hate crimes often condoned by governments’ actions. Moreover, global counterterrorism was directed against non-state actors such as alQaeda, while ignoring the main perpetrator of state terrorism committed by daily Israeli occupation forces against innocent Palestinians in the occupied territories in violation of International Law, UN resolutions, and outside the boundaries of laws of armed conflict.

We hope that the elimination of Bin Laden will help to remove one of the causes of conflict between the Muslim world and the West in general, and the US in particular. The US must end its occupation of Afghanistan, and withdraw its forces from Iraq now that main goal of its campaigns to capture Ben Laden “dead or alive” and dismantle al Qaeda network of terror seemed to have been accomplished.
In order to fight the main causes of further terrorism, the US must also redefine terrorism itself , and distinguish between legitimate armed resistance against occupation and the mere act of targeting civilians for political purposes in directing its future counterterrorism efforts, which will help improve the relations with the Muslim world.
Furthermore, the US must also refrain from its blind and unconditional support to Israel, especially when the later violates international humanitarian law and agreements. The US must also end its meddling in the affairs of countries in the Middle East, which is only aimed at serving the domestic interests of the US and protecting Israel regardless of the interests and rights of millions of oppressed people in the Middle East.
It’s illogical to separate between terrorism and the violence directed at US and its interests in the region, and its foreign policies and its support to Israel and autocratic regimes in the Middle East and its disregard to the interests and rights of other nations in order to achieve peace and prosperity to its own people. To continue such policies, the US is risking its relations with the Muslim world, and keeping the door open for many other Ben Ladens to emerge, and the cycle of violence will never end.

** Khaled Hamza is the Cheif Editor of Ikhwanweb

To reach him: [email protected]


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US NS Team & Elimination of Ben Laden AnasAlqassas
I deem a linkage between the recent reshuffle of US National Security team and the assassination of Ben Laden. Post-R.Gates NS strategy may turn democratically-wise and many political parameters supports this point. Let us see! Every coming hour is bearing surprises never thinkable. Regards to the Editor-in-Chief for the good ideas and the tremendous moral courage.
Monday, May 2,2011 21:25
Pix ?! raoulTE
Is that the real pix of dead bin laden : http://www.upzat.com/viewimg/4588e-704000_oussama-ben-laden-mort-capture-d-ecran-des-televisions-pakistanaises.jpg ?!
Monday, May 2,2011 22:01
response US
1. In case you didn't watch Obama's speech last night, he made it clear that the war is NOT against Islam. 2. The U.S. hasn't spent trillions just to find Osama. He was one of the primary objectives, but he wasn't the only reason for the war.
Tuesday, May 3,2011 04:04
United States Citizen Juan
Whats the real reason for the US military to be involve in the middle east? I am US Citizen, but I don't understand our involvement in foreign countries for just Al-Queda or "War in Terror". We have are own issues that we have to address here in our borders and our government has put us in this financial crisis situation. My only hope we can resolve this without any more bloodshed. God bless us all.
Wednesday, May 4,2011 04:41
Multiple standards of west towards muslims arif
Brother Khalid Assalamualaikum wr wbr, May Allah give you the reward in this world and hereafter of the great job you are doing in running this usefull website, It would be even more benificial if you can increase the articles about the rest of the world specially the islamic world and the Ummah issues. As you mentioned in your article about US policy or strategy should be changed towards the Muslim world, I agree that US and West Must change their policy based on justice and not having multiple standards when it comes to Muslim world, If a muslim group, movement or government takes a stance based on justice and their rights and responsibilities towards their people, and their religious and cultural values, then the Western and US standards get twisted and that action is stamped as extremism or terrorism. This causes extremism and this is extremism what west does and terrorising the muslims in the whole world. The west must realise that the Ummah has woken up and the blood of the millions of martyres in the way of Allah has now changed in to a raning cloud which has woken up the Muslim Ummah all over the world. The west will be committing a huge mistake in human history if they dont wake up from their dreams and do not practice just actions and policies towards the Muslim world. Jazakumullah khairaljaza Your Brother Arif from London
Wednesday, May 4,2011 14:51
comment rick
you mean you want the US to withdrawl so President Ahmadinejad can go and bomb Israel?
Wednesday, May 4,2011 17:20
Muslims peaceful? Paul
I would like one example of muslims acting in peace after their occupancy of forgein countries. Dating back to their invasion of India. They killed and slaughter many Hindus in the name of Ala. They almost wiped the Hindu religion of the map. There was only one ruler who was kind on the subcontinent and made no Muslims pay a tax. Tolerance starts on both sides. Unfortunately killing is not the answer as Ghandi and MLK Jr. showed us. But until everyone can see the world through there eyes then more blood will be shed.
Friday, May 6,2011 20:15
Muslim Rulers Killing Hindus... Bin Humaid
Mr Paul in his coment to 'Fighting Terrorism Requires..........' his view on the Muslim rulers killing Hindus is far from truth. i think he is totally misguided by some who always speak anything sans truth. The real history shows that it is Muslim rulers who built temple for Hindus, allotted the land for it and recognised their religious followings and always be generous to the mainstream Hindus. It is those who killed Gandhi and always fomented communal trouble between two communities there by achieving their political goals had exploited the peace loving people of both the side.
Saturday, May 7,2011 10:34
Muslim rulers and Hindus Ebaraga
@Bin Humaid. You are mistaken about Muslim rulers not killing Hindus or forcing conversion. The Sikh religion was started as a fight back against Muslim oppression. A look at the old carvings of Hindu temples show desecration by Muslim invaders. Please don't try to justify these atrocities. Saying that Muslim rulers were tolerant towards Hindus just shows complete historic ignorance. Not all Muslims are good people. Dawood Ibrahim the Indian gangster holed up in Pakistan is a Muslim and he has killed numerous Muslims. Assad keeps killing fellow Muslims. Some of the Rashidun caliphs were killed by fellow Muslims. What is happening in Pakistan today? Muslims killing Muslims in the name of what? Muslims have killed Muslims since the death of Mohammed. All because of power and wealth. We live in the 21st century. We know the universe like they did not know 1700 years ago. A million Earths fit into our sun and there are more suns in the universe than there are grains of sand on all the beaches of the world put together. Do you think an energy that created this vastness would really require a life form on a spec of dust in its creation to do anything for it? Religion is ignorance open your eyes and try and learn more about the world and universe we live in instead of relying on something that was said about it thousands of years ago.
Tuesday, May 17,2011 01:43
True God Knowing the truth
The true God does not want blood shed. I do not want to know your god. But you will answer to the true God, as we all will...
Thursday, June 30,2011 21:29
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