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MB Chairman Meets Sudanese Delegation
MB Chairman Meets Sudanese Delegation
Talks kicked off in a meeting between a Sudanese delegation including the Sudanese President’s adviser Dr. Mustafa Osman Ismail, and Ambassador to Egypt Abdel Rahman Ser al-Khetm at the Muslim Brotherhood’s new centre in Cairo on Saturday.
Sunday, May 22,2011 00:37


Talks kicked off between a Sudanese delegation including the Sudanese president’s adviser, Dr. Mustafa Osman Ismail, and the Sudanese ambassador to Egypt, Abdel Rahman Ser al-Khetm, at the Muslim Brotherhood’s new headquarter in Cairo on Saturday.

Congratulating the MB on its new headquarter, the ambassador Ser Al-Khatem expresses his warm wishes and an invitation for MB chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie by the Sudanese president to visit Sudan. He praised the Egyptians on the success of their revolution and confirmed the two countries enjoyed a strong bond.
On his part, Badie stated that Egypt is experiencing a milestone as a result of its historical revolution, which astounded the world. He added that much effort was needed to repair what the former regime destroyed both home and abroad. He stressed that the strained relations following the Nile Basin crises as a result of the corrupt ousted regime should be absolved.
A delegation from the new Freedom and Justice Party and the MB’s executive Bureau also attended the meeting including Dr. Saad Katatny and Mr. Gomaa Amin.


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