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National Dialogue attendees Disappointed
National Dialogue attendees Disappointed
Saad al-Husseini, from the Muslim Brotherhood's Executive Bureau, stated that although the group participated in the National Dialogue which spanned over a few days the conference was slightly disappointing.
Wednesday, May 25,2011 11:03

Saad al-Husseini from the Muslim Brotherhood's Executive Bureau, stated that although the group participated in the National Dialogue, which spanned over a few days, the conference was slightly disappointing.
Armed with agendas and documents of their experiences to present to the attendees, the MB had envisioned a more proactive role but was surprised that no members of the political powers were invited to participate in preparing the agenda of the conference or its objectives.
The three-day conference was organized by the new government under Prime Minister Essam Sharaf in an attempt to draft a new constitution and to prepare for elections scheduled for late 2011.
According to former MB MP Farid Ismail, the group expected to be involved along with other political movements in drafting important political laws, including the regulation of parties and elections.
The MB, independent activists and thinkers who attended the conference expressed disappointment, stressing that not enough has changed since Mubarak and his regime were toppled on February 11. They demanded the government crack down on corruption in state institutions and that Mubarak, his family and aides be put on trial to appease the public.


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