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MB Chairman Denies Any Deals With SCAF
MB Chairman Denies Any Deals With SCAF
The Muslim Brotherhood chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie has denied an alleged deal between the Islamic opposition group and the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) has been made.
Wednesday, June 1,2011 09:54

The Muslim Brotherhood chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie denied any secret political deals struck between the Islamic opposition group and the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF)

Speaking at the weekly sermon the"Tuesday Talk",  Badie asserted that the MB has and will always offer advice for the wellbeing of the country without complimenting or beautifying it.

Highlighting the significance of national unity Badie called on all political factions to put aside ideological differences and unite in solidarity putting Egypt's prosperity above all else.

He called on the MB members to adhere to Islam's teachings of modesty and humbleness stating that Islam denounces arrogance adding that only ill can come from such a characteristic.

Pleased with the return of the lessons in the mosques Badie maintained that it was necessary to benefit from the January 25 revolution's achievements with the restoration of some freedoms including the freedom of speech.

He called on all to continue offering support to the needy and to become proactive reminding the crowds of the teachings of Islam.

He commended the initiatives the MB had become renowned for during the reign of Mubarak and their help to the community despite efforts to stem the group's activities and encouraged them to continue regardless of the obstacles.

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