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Jordanian MB Forms Political Alliance to Fight Corruption
Jordanian MB Forms Political Alliance to Fight Corruption
Disregarding ideological differences, Jordan’s Muslim Brotherhood offshoot the Islamic Action Front and leftist parties formed a National Reform Front to combat corruption.
Thursday, June 2,2011 15:20

Disregarding ideological differences, Jordan’s Muslim Brotherhood offshoot, the Islamic Action Front, and leftist parties formed a National Reform Front (NRF) to combat corruption.

According to PM Ahmed Obeidat, the coalition was formed to create a national reform strategy. He asserted that the NRF's priority is to put the country on the right democratic track and to fight corruption and tyranny which are Jordan’s main problems. He added that fighting corruption starts with reforming the regime itself.

Mohammad Masri, a researcher at the University of Jordan’s Centre for Strategic Studies stated that Jordan’s corruption was similar to the situation in the region, referring to Tunisia, Egypt and Syria, where corruption was a key element responsible for the uprisings.

Since January, Jordan has been facing a protest movement demanding political and economic reforms, and an end to corruption.

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