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Egypt Elections Expose Divisions in Muslim Brotherhood
Egypt Elections Expose Divisions in Muslim Brotherhood
Western media has been always fascinated by the theory of “divisions within the Brotherhood” with every difference in opinion within the organization comes to public attention, and this time is no exception.
Tuesday, June 21,2011 01:36

Western media has always been fascinated by the theory of “divisions within the Brotherhood” with every difference in opinion within the organization comes to public attention, and this time is no exception. 

An article by the NYT regarding the decision by Dr. Abdel Moneim Abul Fotouh to run as an independent in the presidential elections in defiance of the MB Shura Council's unanimous descion not to compete this time around to give priority to national unity and focus on more attention to the grassroot activities. As a result, Dr. Aboul Fotouh was stripped of his membership in the MB- a normal process by any viable organization to ensure discipline and integrity within its ranks.

Political pundits would like to interpret this as a sign of division within the organization and its eminent collapse, not simply a sign of the MB organizational strength and health, which allows even senior members to freely express their opinions publicly and make their decisions as long as they’re aware of administrative consequences.  

What political pundits and observers often fail to "analyze" is that the strength and resilience of the MB lie in the steadfastness and discipline of its members, not simply their numbers.


 Full text of the New York Times article: Egypt Elections Expose Divsions in Muslim Brotherhood

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Protect IKHWAN from arising any division Munir Ahmed Khalili
ASSALAMOALAIKUM, There are some people in every organization, excessively hungry for either any position or cheap fame. Unity in the ranks of MBH and its organizational stability must be protected. It is satisfactory to know that IKHWAN has expelled the man from its body who, contrary to the decision of the party not to contest for presidential post, declared his candidature. Disciplinary action must be a message for all such hungry people if there are more in the movement.
Tuesday, August 2,2011 21:31
Division in MB Abdullah
Praise be to Allah for guiding the leaders of MB in taking FIRM DECISION TO EXPEL DISOBEDIENT MEMBER.
Monday, August 22,2011 18:29
MB Issa
May God Bless the Muslim Brotherhood, The light of Egypt!
Tuesday, August 23,2011 20:49
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