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Administrative Court Rules to Dissolve Local Councils
Administrative Court Rules to Dissolve Local Councils
In a welcome decision the Administrative Court of Egypt’s State Council issued a verdict to officially dissolve the local councils across the country.
Wednesday, June 29,2011 09:15

In a welcome decision, the Administrative Court of Egypt’s State Council issued a verdict to officially dissolve the local councils across the country.

A former announcement by Major General Mamdouh Shahin, of the military council, had informed members of the legislative committee of the National Consensus Conference that a court ruling would be the only way local councils would be dissolved.

According to lawyer Mokhtar Hany, 98% of the 1,750 local councils in Egypt were still associated with the dismantled National Democratic Party (NDP) and this prompted the lawsuit.

Former council elections had been controlled by the regime where polls were rigged and members of the opposition were either intimidated or banned from campaigning with clampdowns on nominees and supporters mainly from the Muslim Brotherhood which proved to be a threat to the former NDP.

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