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Human Rights Condemn Slow Pace of Trials
Human Rights Condemn Slow Pace of Trials
Nearly twenty human rights groups in Egypt have called for the speedy trial of snipers and killers of protesters,
Thursday, June 30,2011 16:12

Nearly twenty human rights groups in Egypt have called for the speedy trial of snipers and killers of protesters, and the removal of Cairo's head of security and the official spokesman of the Ministry of Interior as well as an immediate investigation into the latest events in Tahrir Square which has come to be known as the epicenter of Egypt's January 25th Revolution.

Many Egyptians are angry at the slow pace of change since Mubarak was ousted on February 11, which resulted in nearly 1000 deaths and close to 6000 injuries. A statement issued on Thursday condemned the security force's use of violence and hiring of thugs against protesters who rallied outside the Interior Ministry, the American University Campus and the Balloon Theatre. Police responded with tear gas, bullets and pellets in the biggest demonstrations in Cairo in months, injuring close to 900 protestors.

The statement also called for the release of detainees which included family members of martyrs being held and the immediate expulsion of security officers who continue to butcher and kill Egyptian people, The human rights statement also called on the Interior Ministry to respect the right of civilians to demonstrate peacefully without being subjected to violence, citing that the Ministry's responsibility was to protect civilians, not attack them.

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