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FJP Seeking Fair Trial For Mubarak, Not Revenge
FJP Seeking Fair Trial For Mubarak, Not Revenge
FJP leader: Elections should be held as scheduled and perpetrators must be tried swiftly
Monday, July 11,2011 17:41

Speaking on “Good Morning Egypt” Freedom and Justice Party leader Dr. Essam El-Erian stated that conducting the parliamentary elections as scheduled was the key to democracy and stability.

He described Egypt’s January 25 Revolution as strangely unique where only the regime was toppled with not much reform to the county’s institutions.

During the interview el-Erian questioned the Interior Minister’s statement in which he said that the police would be held accountable only for the protestors’ deaths which took place on January 28 and not for any deaths after that.

El-Erian ascertained that the FJP has sought to form a democratic alliance in Egypt where up to 28 parties and political forces are currently attempting to unite efforts to develop Egypt and through discussions of the formation of a Constituent Assembly, which will draft the Constitution.

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