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El-Baradei: No Fear of Muslim Brotherhood
El-Baradei: No Fear of Muslim Brotherhood
During his visit to the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) headquarters Sunday, former IAEA chief and potential presidential candidate Dr. Mohamed El-Baradei commended the party on its efforts to evolve a process that closely follows the public sentiment and parallels social development.
Monday, July 18,2011 02:11

 During his visit to the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) headquarters Sunday, former IAEA chief and potential presidential candidate Dr. Mohamed El-Baradei commended the party on its efforts to evolve a process that closely follows the public sentiment and parallels social development. He praised the FJP‘s collaboration with the Democratic Alliance to work for the wellbeing of Egypt which requires a flexible mix of principles, underlying interests, democratic practices and rational decision-making.

"This visit comes within the framework of the FJP's continuous amicable relations with Dr. El-Baradei," said FJP Secretary General Dr. Mohamed Saad El-Katatny, who received El-Baradei along with the two former ambassadors Al-Sayed Kassem, and Ezzeldin Shoukri. 

El-Baradei discussed with FJP leaders progress regarding the revolution and the latest in the Egyptian scene, maintaining that Egyptians were all in the same boat and all wanted the same thing for Egypt. He asserted that he has no apprehensions of the Muslim Brotherhood reaching power, adding that it cannot be denied that the MB are an important element in Egypt, and stressing that all powers should unite to rebuild Egypt and restore its glory.

Recognizing the Freedom and Justice Party’s significant role in the political arena, El-Baradei stated that it is clear the FJP performs roles that are critical to the operation of Egypt’s democratic system and to the overall coordination and functioning of the country’s political system.

Further, FJP Vice-President Dr. Essam El-Erian explained that it was imperative that democracy be achieved in the very near future. He added that although political parties and their differences may be  part of the problem; they also are part of the solution for providing a stable and predictable democratic political system that is responsive to the needs of the people. "To ensure a stable democracy," he said, "participation, inclusiveness, tolerance and consensus building is necessary."

Discussing the drafting of the constitution, El-Erian stressed that the FJP together with the Democratic Alliance agreed that it was important that the Constitutional Assembly selected by the upcoming parliament should represent all Egyptians, and not only the party acquiring the majority of seats.


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