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US Ready to Cooperate With Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood - US Diplomat
US Ready to Cooperate With Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood - US Diplomat
A senior US diplomat reiterates Washington's willingness to "cooperate" with Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood, and blames the Mubarak regime for Muslim-Coptic sectarian strife
Friday, July 22,2011 18:38

Jeffrey Feltman, the US Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs, said that the United States is ready to cooperate with the Muslim Brotherhood so long as it respects the rule of democracy, minorities’ rights and human rights; as a sector of the Egyptian society with which Washington will be communicating, the Brothers are part of the international community.

During his interview with Al Hurra news channel on Thursday, Feltman also pointed out that Egyptians are the ones who should decide whether they want to draft their constitution first or proceed with parliamentary elections. “Egyptians want a government which is accountable for its actions, one that creates job vacancies and the way to that is a democratic elections and Egypt is moving towards this direction,” he said.

Moreover, he charged that sectarian strife was a distraction created by the former regime, which as recent events demonstrate is not a major issue in Egypt.


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