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Amr Mousa Visits Freedom and Justice Party
Amr Mousa Visits Freedom and Justice Party
Former Secretary General for the Arab League and potential presidential candidate Amr Mousa met Tuesday with Freedom and Justice Party leaders including Saad ElKatatney,
Tuesday, July 26,2011 19:43

Former Secretary General for the Arab League and potential presidential candidate Amr Mousa met Tuesday with Freedom and Justice Party leaders including Saad ElKatatney, FJP Secretary General, together with both Vice Pesidents of the party, Dr. Essam Elerian and Dr. Rafiq Habib to discuss the current political situation in Egypt and the upcoming elections.

After congratulating the FJP leaders for establishing their party which he stated is a contribution towards Egypt’s stability, Moussa also warned them of the current situation the country is going through, because of the lack of trust among political currents and the attempts to create a state of civil disobedience, which led to difficulty in attaining national consensus that is pivotal to achieve out desired democracy. Moussa also criticized the old constitution saying that it was "dictatorial constitution that is neither parliamentary or presidential."

Concerning the constitutional committee that will draft the new constitution, Mousa said that trade unions, civil society organizations, Al-Azhar, the church, Islamic movements and women should all be represented in the committee.

On the other hand, Elerian stated that worries about the current situation are legitimate, since Egypt is facing a lot of challenges including thuggery, and the attempts by remnants of the NDP to use money to secure seats in the upcoming parliament. National consensus, however, is the means to overcome those challenges, he added.

About the next elections, Elerian added that it will be the best in the history of Egypt expecting that almost 30 million will participate in it, which will prevent vote rigging and thuggery. When asked about the constitutional committee, Elerian stated that if should be representing Egyptians from different spectrums of the society.

ElKatatny also added that the party is with the greater representation of the society in the committee, adding that 70 percent of the current constitution is  accepted while only 30 percent of it need to be changed through dialogue among all social and political segments. Nevertheless, everybody agrees that the authorities of the president must not remain the same as in the previous constitution, ElKatatny said.

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Concern Tughluq
Musa is a pan Arab secularist, he never uttered words like Muslim, Islam or brotherhood. He is not a good choice for maintaining better relationship with 85% of world Muslims population who are non Arabs. The bottom line is' Egypt must have a leader or president who should be proud to call himself as a Muslim.
Saturday, July 30,2011 07:00
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