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ANHRI: Mubarak Behind Bars Lesson to All Dictators in the Region
ANHRI: Mubarak Behind Bars Lesson to All Dictators in the Region
Statement by the Arab Human Rights Network Informations (ANHRI), following the opening session of former president Mubarak's trial
Thursday, August 4,2011 05:16


Statement by the Arab Human Rights Network Informations (ANHRI), following the opening session of former president Mubarak's trial 

“The trial of Mohamed Hosni Mubarak, the ousted president of Egypt, and his standing behind the bars as a defendant in front of millions around the world via television is an important step forward and a lesson to any dictator, was killed and shedding blood of civilians and gagged mouths, thinking that he is immortal forever and he will not be trailed one day for what crimes he committed against his people.” ANHRI said today

This is after the first day of the trial of ousted President Mohamed Hosni Mubarak in the Police Academy in Al- Qahera Al- Gadida “New Cairo”, headed by Judge Ahmed Refaat and as already ousted president and his two sons, Gamal and Alaa inside the cage next to the former Minister of Interior Habib Al-Adli and six of his First Degree Assistants.

The court has decided to consider the case of Al- Adli tomorrow and postpone considering the case of Mubarak, his two sons and the fugitive businessman Hussein Salem to August 15.

The ousted president will be remained in the International Medical Center located in Cairo-Ismailia Desert Road where the necessary health care will be provided for him, what implies the separation between the case of Al- Adli and the case of Mubarak.

The court has heard today to the requests of the defense and civil right plaintiffs. The attorney charged the ouster president of killing demonstrators during the January 25 revolution, exporting Egyptian gas to Israel at prices lower than the accepted world prices and wasting of public money. These charges that reach to the punishment of execution.

“The presence of Mubarak and his sons and bringing them to their normal judiciary is the first step on the road to justice for all without distinction between the citizen and another on basis of position, title or influence. The civil state, which we all seek is the state of equality for all citizens before the law without discrimination to any person whatever his position or influence.” ANHRI said

“Despite welcoming the live broadcast of the ousted president trial On Air, his appearance with his two sons, the Minister of Interior and his Fist Degree Assistants to court, but we regret that there are some defective administrative procedures in obtaining permits to attend the hearings, which prevented many of the journalists, lawyers and some of the families of the martyrs to attend it, so that we demand avoiding such problems in next hearings.” ANHRI added


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mubarak behind bars mohammad
mubarak is not behind bars. the cage is designed for his own safety and security, like a president has entered a public courtroom. the plate with small holes is placed to prevent objects such as shoes being thrown at him. the cages seen before in the egyptian courts for his victims does not have this added protection. this why the court security are asked to block him from the cameras with their bodies.
Wednesday, August 10,2011 22:56
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