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FJP Warns of Widspread Protests If Supra-Constitutional Articles Imposed
FJP Warns of Widspread Protests If Supra-Constitutional Articles Imposed
Dr. Mohamed Saad Alkatatney, Secretary General of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), demanded that the will of the Egyptian people expressed clearly in the March 19 referendum must be respected, and that no entity should put its political interest above that of the people.
Friday, August 12,2011 10:29
Dr. Mohamed Saad Alkatatney, Secretary General of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), demanded that the will of the Egyptian people expressed clearly in the March 19 referendum must be respected, and that no entity should put its political interest above that of the people. He warned that any attempt to circumvent the popular will be a violation of the rights of the Egyptians and will be not be accepted.
Alkatatny expressed his party’s complete rejection of the supra-constitutional articles and governing principals, since the constitution is a document that should be decided by the people, and any restriction on this process shall be considered unacceptable
He also noted that the people’s reactions towards these measures if taken by the government would include a nation-wide anger and protests in Tahrir Square and across  Egypt. He also emphasized that Egyptians will do everything to protect the gains of their revolution and will make sure that the constitution that governs them represents everyone without any kinds of restrictions. 

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Referendum Khaled El Nazer
A)- The only change needed is to reword the 2nd amendment to read that Al Sharee3ah is the ONLY source of legislation and not "a main source" which is actually saying nothing at all. B)- It is time all the different Islamic 'inclinations' united. This includes the Ikhwan, the Sufis and the different Salafi factions. Only in such a unity will other non political muslims who are not affiliated with any group join the Islamic cause. C)- Lastly, if this attempt to circumvent the referendum through any means, supra constitutional or some form of document of agreement looks like it will be imposed upon Muslims, then a real Islamic revolution should be unleashed in the streets and our own views imposed by the legitimacy of the revolution should be imposed.
Saturday, August 13,2011 14:32
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