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34 Egyptian Parties Reject Supra-Constitutional Principles
34 Egyptian Parties Reject Supra-Constitutional Principles
Secretary General of the Freedom and Justice Party Dr. Saad Katatni said that 34 political parties agreed in a meeting hosted by FJP Sunday that there was no reason for governing principles for the constitution to be drafted, nor was there any reason to charter a new constitutional declaration.
Monday, August 15,2011 04:53

Secretary General of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) Dr. Saad Katatni said that 34 political parties forming the Democratic Alliance for Egypt rejected the proposed governing principles for the constitution and the new constitutional declaration expected to be issued by the Supreme Council of Armed Forces (SCAF), during a meeting hosted by FJP Sunday

Katatni added in a statement that during the meeting the Democratic Alliance for Egypt formed a committee to lay down the foundations and rules for coordination during the upcoming parliamentary elections including the number of seats each party will bid for, and the candidates’ names.

Ending his statement, Katatny emphasized that the Alliance is capable of blocking any attempts  by remnants of the former ruling regime’s National Democratic Party to penetrate the elections or political life in Egypt.

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Great Tughluq
Keep it up, secular alliance represents less than 5% of people in Egypt therefore no Supra or NDP ideologies can hijack democracy.
Monday, August 15,2011 13:00
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