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Actor Mohamed Sobhi: MB Contributions to Egyptian Society Undeniable
Actor Mohamed Sobhi: MB Contributions to Egyptian Society Undeniable
Actor Mohamed Sobhi praised Muslim Brotherhood's (MB) contributions to Egyptian soceity, and downplayed concerns of their potential election to power in Egypt.
Monday, September 5,2011 10:02
by Shahd Salah Al-Masrey Al-Youm

 Actor Mohamed Sobhi praised Muslim Brotherhood's (MB)  contributions to Egyptian soceity, and downplayed concerns of their potential election to power in Egypt.

"they are [MB] true Egyptians, they love Egypt and they are loyal to it."

However, Sobhi hoped the MB would separate between its political and religious discourse, and warned them that "the Egyptian people now reject having any other dictator."

Sobhi, in an interview with a the media icon, Amr al-Laithi, on Dream satellite channel, described the Islamist groups as "the most organized ones on the Egyptian political arena since the beginning of the revolution until now".

He added that he sees the old political parties as entities that "had no effect so far," while the new parties "are still unknown to the public." 

Meanwhile, Sobhi criticized the performance of the revolutionary youth and their internal divisions."they are divided and in continuous disagreements, and the crisis is that they accuse each other of treason, therefore, the coalitions of the revolution reached 138 so far, which is impossible to comprehend," he said, calling the rebel youth to unite.

Sobhi also voiced opposition to the notion by some liberals to postpone elections and extend the transitional period and the military rule. Sobhi was also warning of prolonging the transitional period.

Sobhi denied at the same time that he has benefited from the old regime during the reign of the former President, and he said: "I was known to be against the former regime because it was corrupt at all levels, and that led to the revolution. 

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