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FJP Denies Coordinating With Candidates Outside DA in the Runoff
FJP Denies Coordinating With Candidates Outside DA in the Runoff
Elections kicked off in the runoff for the third and last round of the parliamentary elections Tuesday morning.
Tuesday, January 10,2012 15:58

 Elections kicked off in the runoff for the third and last round of the parliamentary elections Tuesday morning. 

Reruns are also taking place in numerous governorates after voting was canceled by the Higher Administrative Courts including the North Cairo district, where 12 candidates will compete for seats on both the individual and party-list seats. In Aswan, the runoff is between 4 candidates on the electoral list, and in Assuit 4 candidates are competing for individual seats in the second and third districts. Four individual candidates are also competing in the runoff in Sharqia in the second and fifth district, while in Alexandria, 2 candidates will be competing for the individual seats in the third district in Maharem Beh.

The following report outlines updates from the first day of the runoff:
1- The Freedom and Justice Party's 'operation room' indicating that turnout is higher at the districts with party-lists runoff in comparison to districts with runoffs for the third time. It is expected that turnout will increase however throughout the day.
2- The party's legal committee filed a request with the HEC to correct FJP candidacy for no. 92 (cactus symbol) Kamal Hassan Mahdy in the North Cairo district on the ballot paper from professional to workers both on the ballot forms and to take note also at the vote counting centres. The committee pointed out that Mahdy was listed as fielding for the professional seat rather than the workers seat which will in turn deem the election invalid.
3- The FJP recorded circulating false rumours that the party had formed alliances for the runoff with independent candidates in numerous districts and governorates. In turn people viewed with misgivings that the party formed an alliance with candidates affiliated with the outlawed former ruling NDP in the Qena and Qalubeya constituencies. 
The party reiterates that it is committed to the Democratic Alliance (DA), and asserts that with all due respect for competing candidates, no agreements or alliances have been made with any other candidates or parties. 

The party warns against the false use of the FJP's name during campaigning stressing that perpetrators will face charges.
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