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Khaled Azhari : Syndicate Freedoms Law a General Union of Workers Top Priority
Khaled Azhari : Syndicate Freedoms Law a General Union of Workers Top Priority
GUW dialogue with workers helps settle labor disputes quickly, averts legal and strike action.
Wednesday, February 22,2012 21:24

MP Khaled Azhari, a member of the General Union of Egyptian Workers, asserted that debating the Syndicate Freedoms Law and expediting its passing and application are at the top of the agenda of the General Union of Workers meeting. He pointed out that the law must have final approval, so it gets presented in parliament and is announced as soon as possible.

Azhari said that the General Union of Workers has recently adopted a new approach in resolving labor disputes by holding dialogue sessions with protesters and striking workers in various sectors, with positive impact reducing labor strikes and demonstrations in front of official bodies and public authorities.

The emergency general meeting of the Egyptian General Federation of Trade Unions, in December last year, resulted in Dr. Ahmed Abdel-Zaher remaining in his post as Chairman of the temporary committee for the management of the Federation and General Chairman of the Union, with Jebali Mohamed Jebali serving as Senior Vice Chairman and Secretary-General of the Union of Road Transport, and Abdel-Hamid Abdel-Jawad Ismail as Senior Vice Chairman and Secretary-General of the Health Union, while Sayed Abul-Magd Hamza serves as Assistant Secretary-General; and serving as Treasurer is Yousry Bayoumi, a leader of the Freedom and Justice party as well as the Muslim Brotherhood; while Jalal Ahmed Hassanein serves as Assistant Treasurer.

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