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FJP Press Release # 15 – Egyptian Shura Council Election Results
FJP Press Release # 15 – Egyptian Shura Council Election Results
Sweeping victory announced for Freedom and Justice party candidates (party lists and ‘individual’ seats) in the Shura Council elections.
Sunday, February 26,2012 14:23

 The High Judicial Elections Commission (HJEC) overseeing Egyptian parliament’s consultative chamber the ‘Shura Council’ elections 2012 has announced that the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) {Democratic Alliance} has won 106 seats – out of a total 180 seats in the Shura Council (SC), which is a clear majority of 59%.  These include 50 FJP candidates on the individual seats and 56 in the FJP electoral list. The FJP has won 2,900,154 votes in the candidate lists out of the total 6,446,689 valid votes, or 45% of party lists.

The FJP believes that this result proves the continued confidence of the Egyptian people in the party and its patriotic men and women. The party also believes that Egypt’s advancement and rejuvenation require the participation of all citizens in shouldering this great responsibility. This underlines the need for everyone to think beyond his or her own personal interests, and endeavor to serve the public interests of Egypt and its people.
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