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Muslim Brotherhood Lawyers: More Charges To be leveled Against Mubarak, in Addition to Murdering Demonstrators
Muslim Brotherhood Lawyers: More Charges To be leveled Against Mubarak, in Addition to Murdering Demonstrators
If the murder-of-demonstrators case against Mubarak fails to earn him the death penalty, there are many victims of his defunct regime who are willing to bring more charges against him.
Monday, February 27,2012 07:15
by Hussein Mahmoud IkhwanWeb

 Ali Kamal, a civil rights plaintiff in the case murdered demonstrators and a Muslim Brotherhood (MB) lawyer, asserted that there is no legal provision that prevents the prosecution of the deposed Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, and seeking the death penalty, contrary to rumors that this is not possible because Mubarak has exceeded the age of 83.


In a statement to Ikhwanweb, Kamal explained that, in principle, Mubarak will not escape the killings of demonstrators, pointing out that Mubarak in his former capacity as president of Egypt and the President of the Supreme Council of every institution in Egypt, is responsible for the health damage suffered by innocent Egyptians, as well as economic damage suffered by the whole country. Kamal confirmed the possibility of prosecuting Mubarak for this damage suffered by the Egyptian people.

 Abdel-Moneim Abdel-Maksoud, one of the civil-right plaintiffs in the killing-of-demonstrators case and the Brotherhood's lawyer, said that the Egyptian People's Assembly is currently discussing a law on the crime of treason, pointing out that they are waiting until this law is passed, so as to charge and prosecute Mubarak with high treason.
Abdel-Maksoud said that the law will define and detail the crime of treason and set clear standards and mechanisms which should help bring charges against Mubarak, pointing that the charge of treason in Mubarak’s case will be based on his relations with Israel and the United States and his involvement in the corruption of political life in Egypt during his reign.
Abdel-Maksoud, said: "There are more charges against Mubarak involving cases of murder, torture and the corruption of political life; and if the Egyptian people do not get a satisfactory verdict against Mubarak (that heals their hearts), there will be more charges brought against Mubarak".
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