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MP Fateh Al-Bab: Christians Are Partners in Nation, Homeland, Parliament, Revolution, Constitution-Writing
MP Fateh Al-Bab: Christians Are Partners in Nation, Homeland, Parliament, Revolution, Constitution-Writing
Beyond proportions of representation in the Constituent Assembly, Egypt’s Freedom and Justice party seeks a Constitution that will be applied on the ground, not just legally fabulous texts.
Monday, March 12,2012 15:49

MP Fateh Al-Bab, the majority leader of the Shura Council, stressed that the principles of the Constitution are made by the people, for the people, who erupted in revolution not against defective texts in the Constitution, but against painful realities. He added, “We do not want to have a constitution with just fabulous words. We want a practical translation of the general principles into reality through an independent parliament with real oversight regulatory and enforcement authority.

In an interview with the Egyptian satellite TV channel ‘Al-Mihwar’, MP Fateh Al-Bab also said, “Out of our conviction of the importance of sharing, we suggest that representation of the parliament’s two chambers in the Constituent Assembly would be 40% and representation from outside the Parliament would be 60%. It would certainly be illogical to ignore the Legislative and Constitutional Committee. Moreover, the Parliament includes 18 political parties which have a parliamentary committee (each) within the PA, and 12 parties which have a parliamentary committee (each) within the Shura Council.

Moreover, Fateh Al-Bab emphasized that the 40% he mentioned would be divided among the PA and the Shura Council, and stressed that the FJP will still share that 40% with other parties in parliament by proportional and qualitative representation.

He explained that, “The FJP is determined not to raise issues likely to cause division and fragmentation and sow the seed of strife in Egyptian society, especially at this critical time. We believe that all issues can be discussed and solved.

Further, Fateh Al-Bab said that the general principles will not be in dispute amongst the spectra of parties represented in Parliament, but the debate will be about the type of State and regime, the powers of the President, the powers of the Prime Minister, and whether the parliament should be one House or keep both Upper and Lower Houses.

MP Fateh Al-Bab then pointed out that the real guarantee of the post-revolution Constitution is the establishment of an institutional state, ending the rule of individual leaders, and creating a balance of powers amongst the main authorities, and the application of rules and regulations contained in the Constitution and translating those on the ground, “So, when the Constitution mentions the right to education and medical treatment, we must see this reflected in reality”.

Finally, Fateh Al-Bab said, “Islam only recognizes the civil state. Furthermore, it would certainly be illogical that Islamic law is imposed on non-Muslims in personal status matters of marriage, divorce and inheritance. Everyone has the same public rights and duties. We reject sectarian classification. A Christian is a partner in the nation and the homeland. In the post-revolution Parliament, we cannot argue about these principles”.

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