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Dr. Ghozlan: Scene in Tahrir Square Affirms that People Will Protect their Revolution at Any Cost
Dr. Ghozlan: Scene in Tahrir Square Affirms that People Will Protect their Revolution at Any Cost
Walking from across the Egyptian capital Cairo, carrying posters and signs calling for a complete ban on Mubarak-era officials to prevent them from joining the country’s presidential race, hundreds of thousands of Egyptians poured into Tahrir Square, beyond full capacity; and experts tell: the people know this is no party or picnic – this is a revolution.
Friday, April 13,2012 22:50

Dr. Mahmoud Ghozlan, official spokesman of the Muslim Brotherhood and member of the group’s Guidance Bureau, said that the scene in Tahrir Square proves that the Egyptian people are civilized, enlightened and revolutionary and will defend their revolution at any cost, especially after they became aware of attempts to restore the former regime, to hijack the revolution and to dishonor the blood of the martyrs and victims of the January 25 revolution.

In a statement from Tahrir Square, Dr. Ghozlan described presidential candidates from the Mubarak era as the former regime’s private guards.

On arguments and disgruntled comments about preventing citizens from exercising political action, Dr. Ghozlan said: "Any citizen convicted of a crime of theft, Egyptian law prevents him from running for senior positions; let alone a citizen who subverted Egypt and was a repressive tyrant". He added, "These candidates from the former regime did commit serious crimes which led to the great revolution that toppled them. Indeed, the people mounted their revolution to demolish all the symbols and figures of the former regime".

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