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Dr. Mohamed Morsi: The President Must Be Leader of All Egyptians
Dr. Mohamed Morsi: The President Must Be Leader of All Egyptians
In a press conference to officially announce his bid for the presidency, Dr. Morsi affirmed that the Brotherhood would not govern Egypt, if he won the country’s presidential elections: the President would.
Sunday, April 22,2012 14:19

Dr. Mohamed Morsi, the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) and Muslim Brotherhood’s candidate for Egypt's presidency, said that the Brotherhood would not rule Egypt, if he emerges the winner in the upcoming elections, asserting that he would be independent as the president of all Egyptians, and abide by the Egyptian Constitution.

In the news conference, Saturday, Dr. Morsi emphasized that, if his bid for the presidency is successful, he will immediately resign as Chairman of the FJP, to be president of all Egyptians.

He vowed to act, in a fully independent capacity, to serve all Egyptians and the homeland, restoring stability, security and prosperity, and advancing the interests of all citizens.

Dr. Morsi stressed that the Egyptian people are now aware and enlightened and will not allow anyone whomsoever to impose his or her own will on the free will of the people.

He added that the people would jealously guard the interests of the homeland so as not to allow the President, Prime Minister or any Minister to deviate from his or her primary duties, promises and pledges.

On issues pertaining to international relations and the peace treaty with Israel, should his bid be successful in Egypt’s upcoming presidential elections, Dr. Morsi said that: "Egypt is a great country, with honorable history and important international relations and diplomatic representation all over the world.

“A democracy’s institutions oblige the President to be representative of all Egyptians and to also respect agreements and conventions of the Egyptian state with the rest of world States."

The FJP Chairman stressed that the next president of Egypt will have to be completely independent, not subservient to any foreign power.

 “The President will also have to reflect the will of the Egyptian people, for whom the cause of Palestine is a central issue. We are fully capable of protecting our country and ridding our people of injustice; and we declare that we are against colonialism."

Dr. Morsi asserted that the Egyptian people are still determined to continue their great revolution, “There were more than one million Egyptians gathered in Tahrir Square, with another million in neighboring provinces, on Friday.

“That is a clear indication that the Egyptian people are alert, and that the 30 million citizens who turned out to partake in the elections are fully aware of circumstances on the Egyptian arena. Success of the leadership of the revolution will be measured by the objectives it will achieve.

Dr. Morsi said, "The people are the source of power. So they were in the elections of parliament; and so will they be in the presidential election, and also in the writing of the Constitution.

“This, for the first time in Egypt’s history, will be under no-one’s custodianship. Indeed, soon Egypt will witness a great revival and real renaissance; and with it, Arab countries will progress and prosper.”

Dr. Morsi said that, through his nomination, the FJP seeks honest competition with all the candidates, stressing their patriotism and that the FJP and the Brotherhood do not seek to muzzle or exclude anyone, and that they will respect the outcome of the election and the will and the choice of the Egyptian people.

Dr. Morsi added that, "We mean what we say; and will continue the march. Fair competition guarantees the respect of everyone; and this is what we do, what the Muslim Brotherhood does, by formally announcing my nomination and clarifying our stances on all important issues".

Asked whether he would appoint Khairat Al-Shater as his deputy, Dr. Morsi said that if the Egyptian people elect him as president, he would base all his actions on the requirements of the administration of the country.

He further pointed that the question of who will be his VP is something that he would consider and make a final decision on it after the elections.

Asserting that, "There is consensus on the Egyptian Constitution, which is being discussed now”, Dr. Morsi explained that, “the system, in the next phase, will be mixed quasi-parliamentary system, with specific functions for the President, and other functions for the Prime Minister".

In response to a question about the position of the FJP vis-à-vis the government, in light of his candidacy, Dr. Morsi said that the FJP demanded dismissal of the Ganzouri government, not by way of a personal attack of any sort, but because of its weak performance.

Furthermore, Dr. Morsi stressed that the FJP seeks to form a coalition government led by the majority party – a government that can steer the country out of the current atmosphere of chaos and confusion and contrived crises.

Dr. Morsi said that the FJP embraced the Renaissance Project in very practical terms, adding that the program provides solutions to all problems within the framework of Islamic reference.
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