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Gamal Heshmat: Parliament Fully Backs Revolution, Democratic Transformation
Gamal Heshmat: Parliament Fully Backs Revolution, Democratic Transformation
Egypt’s first post-revolution Parliament is just over two months old, yet it has passed a number of important laws – for the betterment of the homeland and improvement of the people’s lives.
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Monday, April 23,2012 10:21

Dr. Mohamed Gamal Heshmat, Deputy of the Foreign Relations Committee at the People's Assembly, said that under the former regime, parliament passed laws for the benefit of gangs and corrupt businessmen, while the post-revolution parliament now seeks to repair all the damage, to serve the Egyptian public and to push the democratization process forward.

"Today, in parliament, we summon the government and solve citizens’ problems. However, the Ganzouri government has failed. We’ve rejected its statement for not being serious in resolving the crises and problems of the country."

On the parliament’s achievements over the past couple of months, Dr. Heshmat said: "The Parliament has amended the law on political rights (the disenfranchisement law), to isolate the remnants of Mubarak’s regime; and it was referred to the Constitutional Court; but it said it had no legal jurisdiction to rule over its legality before ratification by the military junta.

"Further, parliament has amended some of the country’s education laws, cutting the crisis of Secondary School Exams to one year instead of two.

“It has also approved amendment of some laws regulating universities, and passed the law banning military trials for civilians.

“Parliament also passed the law of the minimum wage, and the law of compensation for martyrs and the injured (of the revolution).

“Moreover, the People’s Assembly passed a law that makes it possible to prosecute the President and the Ministers for treason, and the law for rehabilitation of the disabled, and the trade union freedoms law, as well as a law against torture.

“It also passed the maximum income law, and the Consumer Protection Law, as well as the Law on health insurance for farmers, a law to prevent monopolistic practices, and the law of the judiciary."

The MP reiterated that, “The Brotherhood have not monopolized anything. They do not have a single minister in the Cabinet, nor a single Governor in all provinces. They do not have a single Ambassador of all those representing Egypt abroad, nor do they have even a Deputy Minister or a head of any bank. And they have neither a mayor of any city, nor even a head of any village council”.

Furthermore, Dr. Heshmat continued, saying: "How many Brothers does the group have in the House of the Federation of Radio and TV? Or in the National Council for Women? How many village mayors has the Muslim Brotherhood got? What exactly has the Brotherhood monopolized, then?"
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