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Islamic Body Endorses Morsi for President
Islamic Body Endorses Morsi for President
"The Islamic Legitimate Body of Rights and Reformation" (ILBRR), has officially announced support for Dr. Mohamed Morsi.
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Thursday, April 26,2012 08:05

Dr. Mohamed Yousry, spokesman for "The Islamic Legitimate Body of Rights and Reformation" (ILBRR), has officially announced support for Dr. Mohamed Morsi, the presidential candidate of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Freedom and Justice Party in the forthcoming elections set for May 2012.


In a press conference, Wednesday evening, Sheikh Yousry added that the ILBRR endorsed Dr. Morsi after a referendum among the members of the General Assembly, in which Dr. Morsi received two-thirds of the vote. This followed a series of meetings and dialogue with presidential candidates to learn about their electoral platforms.

Some of the most prominent attendees of the press conference were Sheikh Nash’at Ibrahim, member of the Shura Council of Scientists; Sheikh Mohamed Abdel Maksoud; and the Islamic preacher Safwat Hijazi. 
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