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SAWASYA: Protection of Abbassiya Sit-in is SCAF Responsibility
SAWASYA: Protection of Abbassiya Sit-in is SCAF Responsibility
According to one human rights authority, the highly persistent and well-organized murderous attacks on the peaceful sit-in of the Egyptian capital’s Abbassiya district indicate a deliberate attempt to subvert the country’s democratic transformation process.
Thursday, May 3,2012 18:21

SAWASYA Center for Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination affirmed that providing security and protecting the protesters and the Abbassiya Square sit-in demonstrators are the responsibility of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) and the security services, which have been failing – since the launch of the January revolution until today – to do their national duty to provide security and restore stability to the state.

In a statement, SAWASYA expressed regret for the occurrence of more deaths among the protesters in Abbassiya Square at the hands of hired thugs and criminals who are trying to foment violence, chaos and panic in the hearts of the public.

The center further stated that what is happening impacts not only the security and stability of the homeland, but also the process of democratization in the country.

“It reflects a deliberate intention to delay the presidential elections that the people are waiting for, to elect a president who can take the country across to safety, restore security and stability, help revitalize the homeland, and achieve long-dreamt-of advancement, progress and prosperity.

Moreover, SAWASYA stressed that SCAF, which succeeded in securing parliamentary elections without a single case of serious violence for almost two months, and which assured support for the revolution and the rights of people to peaceful demonstrations and sit-ins, is able to put an end to the chaos and lawlessness currently witnessed every day and which haunt the Egyptian people and force them to lose confidence in the government, SCAF and all state institutions.

Further, SAWASYA called on SCAF to abide by its 
previous pledges to hand over power to the elected president no later than June 30, and return to its vital role of protecting the homeland’s security and national borders.


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