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El-Erian: Morsi Will Win Presidential Election Outright from First Round
El-Erian: Morsi Will Win Presidential Election Outright from First Round
FJP deputy chief Erian assures that their candidate for Egypt’s top job will score big in the first round of the country’s upcoming presidential contest, and that Nahda Project will rebuild and revitalize both the homeland and the nation completely.
Wednesday, May 9,2012 16:10

Dr. Essam El-Erian, Vice Chairman of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), asserted that Dr. Mohamed Morsi, the FJP and the Brotherhood’s nominee for Egypt’s forthcoming presidential elections, “will gain a sweeping victory, in the first round of the poll; if not, he will emerge the winner in the run-off”.

He added that their candidate enjoys strong popular support from many groups and segments of Egyptian society, and that his Nahda (Renaissance) Project and program is one of the best electoral programs ever.

He said that, "We are witnessing vital moments of Egypt’s rebirth, and the beginning of a comprehensive renaissance".

El-Erian further noted that there were several renaissance projects in Egypt in the past; but they failed and faded away, because they were based squarely on individuals only, and were influenced by domestic, regional and international conditions.

Moreover, Al-Arian said: "But for the FJP, founded by the Muslim Brotherhood, the story is totally different. We can say with confidence that we have a sure promise of true rejuvenation and real renaissance through a national project that belongs to the whole people, not just individuals.

“This project does not depend on character or charisma. It is destined to launch Egypt back into leadership of the whole world.”

Furthermore, Dr. El-Erian added: "We are facing a historic opportunity we cannot abandon entirely, to lift this homeland and its noble people.

“We decided to field a presidential candidate after a careful study of the situation and the suitable characters for the presidential post. Eventually, we chose and nominated Dr. Mohamed Morsi for President of the Republic.

“Dr. Morsi is a candidate supported by FJP under the guidance of the Muslim Brotherhood, with great popular support throughout the whole country. We will say ‘Yes’ to Morsi to win the election outright, from the first round.”

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