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Farid Ismail Holds Military Council Responsible for Morsi Supporter Murder by Ousted Mubarak Chums
Farid Ismail Holds Military Council Responsible for Morsi Supporter Murder by Ousted Mubarak Chums
An innocent supporter of Dr. Morsi is callously shot dead by a thug working for a Mubarak-era holdover in a flagrant cold-blooded act of desperate vengeance and brutality.
Thursday, May 17,2012 21:13

Dr. Farid Ismail, member of the Executive Office of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), said he holds the ruling military council responsible for the cowardly killing of a supporter of Dr. Mohamed Morsi, the presidential candidate of the FJP and the Muslim Brotherhood, at the hands of a thug working for a former regime figure.

On Wednesday, May 16, Ahmed Mohamed Abu Abed was killed and two others were wounded after one of several thugs working for Tawfiq Okasha, a former regime holdover, walked over to them and shot them at close range.

They were supporters of Dr. Morsi hanging a poster of the presidential contender in the village of Meit Akarma in Dakahlia.

The three young supporters Hamdi Ahmed Abu Abed, Ashmawi Mohamed Abu Abed and Ahmed Mohamed Abu Abed were surprised by the attacking thug – called Alnahhas Mohamed Moawad Abu Orabi – as they were hanging posters and banners to welcome Dr. Mohamed Morsi in their village.

The murderer told them, "This is a message from Tawfiq Okasha to all those who support Mohamed Morsi", then shot Ahmed in the head and the other two in the thigh. Ahmed died immediately.

In a statement to Ikhwanweb, Ismail said: "This is a horrific and deliberate murder that reflects how the former regime continues to commit its crimes against the Egyptian people".

He added, "Supporters of the former regime believe – according to their recent meetings – that they have one last come-back chance in this election. So, they commit all the most atrocious and brutal crimes with complete disregard to the rule of law".

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