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Dr. Morsi to Businessmen: We Will Invest $20 Billion in Egyptian Tourism Industry
Dr. Morsi to Businessmen: We Will Invest $20 Billion in Egyptian Tourism Industry
Dr. Morsi assures businessmen that the scientific committee in charge of his Nahda (Renaissance) Project comprises 10 specialized experts, that Egyptian markets will be open to foreign investors, and that $20 billion will be invested in tourism.
Sunday, May 20,2012 10:07

During his meeting with businessmen in Radisson Hotel, Thursday afternoon (May 18), Dr. Mohamed Morsi, the candidate of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) for the presidency, affirmed that all the spectra of the Egyptian people have rights and duties, including honest and honorable businessmen.

He further affirmed that he will provide for the private sector a good climate and full resources to enable it to contribute effectively with the State to promote industry and advance all areas of life.

Dr. Morsi also stressed that there will be no favoritism in dealing with businessmen for partisan or any other reason, adding that: “No-one will monopolize investment or dominate the market”.

The FJP's presidential contender pointed that the criteria of efficiency is above all partisan considerations, adding that the scientific committee in charge of Nahda Project is composed of 10 experts, including 7 venerable scientists who are not members of the Muslim Brotherhood nor the FJP.

He added that foreign investments will have to serve the interests of the nation, "and we will not favor a foreign investor over an Egyptian businessman".

Moreover, Dr. Morsi explained, Egyptian businessmen have priority in investment, "and we will take their views in all investment projects in this homeland, so we benefit from Egyptian expertise wishing to serve and advance Egypt and its people.

He suggested that businessmen should organize workshops and regular meetings with members of parliament to discuss and consult on all obstacles and ways to overcome them, while working to provide the right climate and the most appropriate conditions to increase investments.

The FJP Chairman stressed that Egypt needs the experience of its scientists, whether inside or outside Egypt. “The Egyptian people are all well aware of their problems and know how to solve them, because they have such broad experience and expertise that does not exist in most countries of the world.

He further said that the issue of minimum and maximum wages is one of the most important issues he is determined to resolve, emphasizing that he will also endeavor to achieve social justice for all Egyptians, who have the same rights and the same duties – as one of the demands of the blessed Egyptian revolution.

Furthermore, Dr. Morsi pointed out that salaries would increase by improving and doubling the national income in the near future, based on existing resources and creating new areas for work and production to raise the national income.

Regarding problems faced by some businessmen, such as difficulties in obtaining licenses for factories, factories being closed due to electricity issues, and restrictions on investment in certain places allocated to certain businessmen, he said that he will solve them all and provide a good climate for serious investment.

Dr. Morsi pledged development of agriculture and improvement of vertical and horizontal expansion, to be the power that will drive the development process, while achieving self-sufficiency in wheat, beets and staple crops, as well as reviving cotton farming – especially long-staple cotton, the basis of many industries – and providing many job opportunities to aid the process of development.

On the ailments of Egyptian tourism after the revolution, he said that the tourist industry is currently affected by several factors, and that he is well aware of them all, such as the security issues and the international reputation where it is reported that safety has become a major challenge in Egypt.

Dr. Morsi further pointed that he met with tourist chamber officials to develop plans that would solve problems and create many opportunities and prospects for tourism rather than rely only on ancient monuments, and to increase the national income through tourism.

He added that of the plans considered in Nahda Project, $20 billion will be investment in the tourism industry, to increase the number of tourists and hence the national income.
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