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Dr. Yassin Rejects As False Claims that Freedom and Justice Party is Managing Elections Process
Dr. Yassin Rejects As False Claims that Freedom and Justice Party is Managing Elections Process
While Osama Yassin denies any involvement of his party (the FJP) in the exclusion of local staff from presidential elections supervision, Mukhtar Ashri declares that the election committee is solely responsible for the management of the electoral process.
Monday, May 21,2012 08:53

Dr. Osama Yassin, Chairman of the Youth Committee at the Egyptian People's Assembly and Assistant Secretary-General of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), asserted that rumors circulated by certain district and local council chiefs blaming the FJP for exclusion of local staff from presidential elections supervision duties are entirely unfounded.

Dr. Yassin added that, “We are strictly not authorized – neither as a party nor even as the country’s Parliament – to get involved in the management of the electoral process.

“We do not have the administrative tools to manage or control election mechanisms and machinations. In fact, all matters relating to elections fall under the authority of the Supreme Presidential Elections Committee (SPEC), exclusively.

Dr. Yassin stressed that the role of political parties and civil society organizations in the electoral process is limited only to monitoring elections and ensuring the integrity of the whole process, without interfering in the work of the committee supervising the elections.

For his part, Mukhtar Ashri, Chairman of the FJP’s Legal Committee, stressed that claiming the FJP or the Muslim Brotherhood was behind exclusion of local employees from election supervision duties is only one of the many tricks of the dissolved National Party, aimed at vilifying the Brotherhood’s presidential candidate.

Ashri added that the only authority which controls the participation of staff involved in the electoral process is SPEC, as well as the competent governors.

“No party, group or any other body or authority at all has jurisdiction to deal with this issue.”

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