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Yassin: Freedom and Justice Party Continues Coalition Efforts to Defend Revolution
Yassin: Freedom and Justice Party Continues Coalition Efforts to Defend Revolution
If the Egyptian revolution means anything, if the blood of the honorable martyrs of the revolution holds any value, if the excruciating suffering of those wounded in the revolution is worthy of anything, Yassin believes, all hues of Egyptian society must unite and close ranks behind Morsi now.
Sunday, May 27,2012 23:48

Dr. Osama Yassin, Assistant Secretary-General of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) and Chairman of the Youth Committee at the People’s Assembly, assured that all Egyptian parties, movements and segments of society will stand behind Dr. Mohamed Morsi.

“For one thing, he no longer presides over the project of the FJP alone. Indeed, he represents the project of the homeland as a whole. Morsi is endeavoring to secure the gains of the January 25 revolution.

“The goals of the revolution, the aspirations of the people must be fulfilled, including social justice.”

Yassin further added that the people who dismantled the old corrupt system of governance, are not going to let it clone itself again in the runoff, pointing out that the FJP will sit together with all Egypt’s honorable patriots and all presidential candidates who competed in the race, did well and acted in a respectable, dignified and honest manner while exercising that democratic right.

Yassin said that this unity which stands against the return of the former regime with all its corruption and repression can push the country forth into the sustainable development domain, so Egyptian citizens can at last reap the fruits of their revolution.

“What we believe is that everyone, all parties and segments of society will back Morsi, but not necessarily on the basis of ideology.”


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