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Ghozlan Refutes Defunct Regime Remnants’ False Claims and Accusations
Ghozlan Refutes Defunct Regime Remnants’ False Claims and Accusations
Brotherhood spokesman Mahmoud Ghozlan rejects Ahmed Shafiq’s slanderous attacks, claims and allegations against the venerable organization, proving who is the ne plus ultra of old guard hangovers.
Wednesday, June 6,2012 00:34

Dr. Mahmoud Ghozlan, member of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Guidance Bureau refuted claims by Ahmed Shafiq, candidate of former regime holdovers, which he sought to spread Sunday through the media.

In a statement to Ikhwanweb, Dr. Ghozlan affirmed that Shafiq’s claims are slanderous lies with which he tries to deny his loyalty and affiliation to the corrupt, despotic former regime, blaming on the Brotherhood all the horrendous crimes he committed.

Shafiq claimed that he stood for stability and security in Egypt and that the Muslim Brotherhood represents chaos. Ghozlan refuted that saying that this statement echoes ousted president Mubarak’s “It’s either Me or the Chaos”. No wonder, Shafiq said it publicly on TV – that Mubarak is his mentor and role model.

In response to Shafiq’s allegation that the Brotherhood represents the old regime and that they were making secret deals with Mubarak, Ghozlan said this is most ridiculous: it is well known that the former regime unjustly put behind bars 45,000 of the Muslim Brothers, inappropriately tried many hundreds of them before military courts, killed many of them under torture, and confiscated their moneys, cars and companies.

Ghozlan asked in bafflement: Was the Muslim Brotherhood making deals with the former regime so it would do them all this?

He added that Shafiq made many rosy promises to many people, the most serious of those is that he indirectly encouraged building and construction on agricultural land, in violation of the law and contrary to the best interests of the country, as the erosion and shortage of agricultural land threatens with poverty and hunger all the people, as well as future generations.

“Shafiq’s speech is meant to mislead and incite the media with lies and misinformation about the relationship between the Brotherhood’s candidate, Mohammed Morsi, and the organization’s Chairman, Mohamed Badie, as well as its Vice Chairman, Khairat Al-Shater, if Morsi wins the presidency.

“We all heard Morsi’s statements, in this regard, in which he reiterated that his relationship with the Brotherhood and its leaders will be neutral, just like any citizen who is not a member of the organization.”

Dr. Ghozlan further denounced Shafiq’s claim that the Brotherhood represents "sectarianism and exclusion of others", saying: “Any group or movement has the right to gather around an idea, uniting its participants or members on an ideology, just like any political party”.

Shafiq alleged that the Muslim Brotherhood circulates lies, according to statements in his speech, regarding his promise to remove verses of the Quran from educational syllabuses.

In response, Dr. Ghozlan said: “Ahmed Shafiq did say and promise to remove Quranic verses through many media outlets. Video clips of these statements abound on the Internet.

“In those, he clearly promises to either add verses from the Bible to literary texts in school curricula along with Quranic verses; or remove Quranic verses.”

Shafiq accused the Brotherhood of exercising a sort of blackmail on the press through its majority in the People's Assembly and Shura Council (Egypt’s two houses of parliament) and by choosing favorite editors.

Responding to that, Dr. Ghozlan said that Shafiq wants to incite the press against the Muslim Brotherhood as he previously tried to incite peasants, women and Copts, adding: “But everyone knows who Ahmed Shafiq is”.
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