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MP Suleiman: Runoff Results Prove Egyptians Abroad Refuse Old Regime Replication
MP Suleiman: Runoff Results Prove Egyptians Abroad Refuse Old Regime Replication
With runoff counts of Egyptian expats’ ballots nearly finished, Morsi wins a landslide victory in the presidential elections, which some see as an indication of results to expect in voting trends within Egypt on June 16 and 17, 2012.
Tuesday, June 12,2012 13:56
MP Osama Suleiman, member of the Committee on Defense and National Security at the People’s Assembly and member of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP)’s National Committee, that Egyptian expatriates’ runoff results reflect the shift towards the future all people have dreamt of.

Most of the results so far announced in the capitals of Arab and Western countries have shown Dr. Mohamed Morsi overtake his opponent – the last prime minister of the deposed president Mubarak.

Suleiman explained that the vote was the result of a comparison between the Morsi’s Nahda (Renaissance) Project for Egypt, and the former regime’s vision of Ahmed Shafiq who certainly never supported the revolution.

"This comparison is not so difficult for the people, who made a lot of sacrifices to stop the oppression and the injustice, and to achieve their dream of regaining their free will and their freedom to choose who will serve them as president, and to reject those who are bound to humiliate and ignore them and deprive them of their rights."

Suleiman further explained that the results of Egyptians abroad is a slap on the face of malicious mass media with their relentless misinformation and vilification campaign against Morsi, adding that most print and broadcast media persistently perform in a world of fantasies and fables of their own fabrication, rather than reflect the will of the people.

The MP said, "I hope Dr. Morsi wins with even more of a wide-sweeping victory than that so far achieved in the expats’ results, because the people saw the blood of honorable martyrs flow over the streets of Egypt, and will not be deceived once again. The media must announce the facts not the usual falsehoods. They should know that the sun of freedom has shone".

Meanwhile, Dr. Rafee’a Fateh Al-Bab, Professor of Constitutional Law at Ain Shams University, commenting on Dr. Mohamed Morsi’s winning results, in votes of Egyptians abroad, said that these results are an important indicator as to trends of voting at home, which would mean a resounding win for Dr. Morsi.

In an interview on TV program "A Date with the President", on the Al-Nahar satellite station, Fateh Al-Bab affirmed that Dr. Morsi has a great chance of winning the presidential elections, due to his popularity in Egypt, pointing out that support for the Islamist orientation is greater at home within Egypt.

Fateh Al-Bab further affirmed that the Egyptian people want to completely change the old regime, all its icons and officials who represent the old system of governance, and all the corruption, oppression and tyranny that prevailed under the former regime.
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