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Writers, Judges, Diplomats and Copts: Morsi Speech Great Initiative for National Reconciliation
Writers, Judges, Diplomats and Copts: Morsi Speech Great Initiative for National Reconciliation
Egypt’s first freely elected President Mohamed Morsi’s first speech after winning the Presidential elections reflects his hopes for Egyptian unity as well as openness to the world.
Monday, June 25,2012 22:17

Egyptian media outlets, news websites and newspapers have published a quick analysis of the new president Dr. Mohamed Morsi's first speech, which he gave from state TV Maspero building yesterday.

Journalist and media figure Ahmed Maslamani, director of the Cairo Center for Political and Strategic Studies, said that the speech of President-elect Mohamed Morsi was more than wonderful, a major initiative for national reconciliation.

He further said that, "The speech addressed the peace plan with Israel, spoke well of the military establishment, with respect and moderation about the Police Foundation, and was friendly with regard to all sectors and classes and governorates across Egypt".

The honorary president of the Egyptian Council for Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Abdel Raouf El-Reedy, affirmed that the first speech of the President, Dr. Mohamed Morsi, was a consensus message that showed Morsi’s commitment to the reunification of all Egyptian people, and through which he wanted to reach out to all sects and sectors and denominations of the people: "It is a good step forward, worthy of appreciation".

On the issue of foreign policy, mentioned in Morsi’s speech, El-Reedy said that he fully appreciated "the message of peace in Morsi’s speech, and his confirmation and willingness to cooperate and open up to the world, and his assurance of Egypt’s respect and commitment to all treaties and agreements with various countries".

El-Reedy pointed out that in his speech, Morsi mentioned his keen interest for Egypt’s affiliation in the Arab and African realms, and his eagerness to establish balanced relations with the countries of the world, based on mutual respect.

Further, he explained that the speech also included a strong message about Egypt and Egyptian’s full ability and willingness to protect the homeland and its interests against all enemies.

Moreover, Abul-Ela Madi, leader of moderate-Islamist Wasat Party, commended newly elected President Dr. Mohamed Morsi’s speech, saying that it included meanings so long absent from political discourse, let alone presidential speeches. He especially praised Morsi’s many promises and pledges regarding responsibilities and duties, without a mention of his own rights.

Wasat Party confirmed its support for the conciliatory messages in the speech, both with state institutions including the army, police and the judiciary, and with all political actors and parties from across the Egyptian political and intellectual spectrum.

Dr. Mansour Hassan, former Chairman of the SCAF Advisory Board, said: "Dr. Mohamed Morsi’s speech was excellent. He was keen to extend his hand to all people, without exception, including our Coptic brothers and the police".

Meanwhile, lawyer Naguib Gabriel, of the Orthodox Church - and head of the Egyptian Federation for Human Rights, said that the speech delivered by President-elect Dr. Mohamed Morsi sounded reassuring.

"Morsi wanted to show that he is not head of any specific faction, but a president for all Egyptians. But there must be actions to follow, on the ground.

"It is too early to judge Morsi. Let us give him a chance to work until we see the decisions he takes in the coming days."

Political activist Asmaa Mahfouz described the joy of all those in Tahrir Square at Morsi’s victory, adding that his speech was very intelligent and made all the people very happy. The activist demanded the ousting of the military council and effective support for Morsi to achieve the objectives of the revolution.

Furthermore, thinker and political historian Dr. Mohamed Algawadi affirmed that President-elect Dr. Mohamed Morsi’s speech included great meanings, such as faith, gratitude, love, aspiration and hope for the future.

He praised the gentle tones of quiet assurance in Morsi’s speech, in which he was keen to avoid polarization, showing a desire for harmony and reunification, and respect for international treaties, as well as his open willingness to accept criticism and correction.

Algawadi added that Morsi’s move to give up his position as Chairman of the Freedom and Justice Party was a positive initiative.

Dr. Ibrahim Al-Anani, International Law Professor at Ain Shams University, described the first speech of the new president Dr. Mohamed Morsi, saying that it included all Egypt's foreign affairs and urgent issues in this important period of Egyptian history.

Al-Anani pointed out that what Morsi said regarding Egyptian Foreign Relations, his appreciation for Egyptian diplomats, and his full commitment to all international treaties, prove wrong all false reports about Morsi not having the experience and knowledge about foreign relations and affairs.

Ahmed Maher, general coordinator of April 6 Movement stated that there had been key negotiations regarding some important points that must be mentioned in the first speech of the first post-revolution President of the Republic.

He stressed that Dr. Morsi’s speech was largely spontaneous, which is good. Maher pointed to some important points in the speech, such as giving credit to Martyrs and Victims of the Revolution, assuring Coptic brothers, and affirming that the President welcomes criticism and corrections.

Justice Zakaria Abdul-Aziz, former Chairman of the Judges' Club, said that the speech was comprehensive, all-inclusive: "He has to honor his words; but people should not place all responsibilities on the president’s shoulders. The people must rid themselves and their institutions of corruption, bribery and bad practices that prevailed during the reign of the defunct regime.

Mamdouh Nakhla, head of the Kalema human rights organization, said that: "The new president's first speech is good; he must work to unite Egyptians, with no discrimination between Muslims and Christians on the basis of religion; and he must uphold the values of citizenry because we are all sons and daughters of one homeland and one nation".


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