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Zewail: Morsi Will Adopt Vital Vision for Comprehensive Rejuvenation of Education and Science
Zewail: Morsi Will Adopt Vital Vision for Comprehensive Rejuvenation of Education and Science
Dr. Zewail, the renowned Egyptian scientist, shares views and visions of Dr. Morsi, Egypt’s first freely elected President, regarding raising standards of science and education in Egypt.
Wednesday, July 4,2012 18:46

Egyptian scientist and Noble Prize Laureate Dr. Ahmed Zewail stressed that President Mohamed Morsi is a scientist before being a President of the Republic, "When scientists meet, the first thing they talk about is science".

In a press conference held by Dr. Zewail at the presidential headquarters, Zewail mentioned that this was the third time he met the President.

The scientist found that he shared a great deal of ideas and a vital vision with Dr. Morsi about the role of science and scientific research in the renaissance and revitalization of Egypt.

"The meeting looked into several issues, including how to promote scientific research. I was surprised that the President has almost the same vision on how to advance science.

"We discussed the national situation in Egypt as a whole. We also discussed ways to achieve the desired rejuvenation or renaissance, and the foundations on which to start major national projects, as well as good effective ideas and visions on scientific research and education."

Zewail further said that the meeting touched on general ideas regarding ways to fund scientific research and to encourage Egyptian scientists at home and abroad to contribute to their homeland’s progress.

On the issue of a position being offered for Zewail in Egypt, he said that his meeting with the President dealt with visions and mechanisms, not jobs and positions. He stressed that there will be constant contact regarding endeavors to raise scientific levels in Egypt.

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