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Brotherhood Lawyer: State Council Judges to Stand Against Halting Constitution-Writing Process
Brotherhood Lawyer: State Council Judges to Stand Against Halting Constitution-Writing Process
Abdel-Maksoud believes there is well-planned, subversive scheme to disrupt the constitution-writing process and halt its progress to fruition.
Saturday, July 14,2012 22:34

Abdel-Moneim Abdel-Maksoud, Muslim Brotherhood lawyer, stressed that there is an organized plot to prevent the writing of the Constitution of Egypt, and that sponsors of this plot are keen to maintain the confused legal, constitutional and political landscape in Egypt.

In a press statement, Abdel-Maksoud said, "I hate to think Egyptian judiciary can be a party to this scheme, because the circumstances surrounding the speeding of the Constituent Assembly case suggest that a decision may have already been made on its future.

"This case was filed for consideration by State Council’s First Circuit Court of Administrative Justice more than a month ago. That court reviewed the case and issued a decision to postpone its final verdict to the first session to be convened in September 2012."

The Brotherhood’s lawyer further stressed that such actions cast a shadow on this court’s competence for consideration of the Constituent Assembly case.

Moreover, Abdel-Maksoud said he was confident that State Council judges, who for decades have been a stumbling block in the path of authoritarian regimes and a haven for all the oppressed and the repressed, will continue their honorable work as independent judges, allowing no-one to break their will or compromise their integrity.


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