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Beltagy: No Disagreement on Freedoms in Egyptian Constituent Assembly
Beltagy: No Disagreement on Freedoms in Egyptian Constituent Assembly
In pursuit of the most inclusive text for Egypt’s new national charter, the constitution-writing committee is conducting many meetings with prominent patriotic personalities like ElBaradei and Zewail soon.
Thursday, July 19,2012 15:43

Dr. Mohamed Beltagy, Rapporteur of the Constituent Assembly (CA)’s Committee on Suggestions and Community Dialogue, said that there are no disputes in the CA about citizenry or freedoms.

"The main problem hindering the CA’s work is the issue of civil-military relations. We are looking for a balanced approach in the ongoing discussions.

"There are arrangements for special consultation meetings with prominent national figures such as Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei, Dr. Mostafa El-Sayed and Dr. Ahmed Zewail. Although they are not among the members of the Constituent Assembly tasked with writing Egypt’s new national charter, we need to listen to their views on various issues."

Beltagy further added, "We respect decisions of the judiciary. We will respect and act upon any ruling by the Administrative Court, in an honorable, patriotic and people-supported manner. We will finish what we have accomplished so far in the CA.

"There is no ‘parallel authority’. This is popular, patriotic work we present to the people. We will stand against all attempts to drag us back to dark repressive times."

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