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Health Minister: Full Hospital Security Top Priority
Health Minister: Full Hospital Security Top Priority
Egypt’s newly sworn-in Minister of Health pledges permanent and reliable solutions to the problems of attacks and assaults against doctors and staff inside the country’s hospitals.
Saturday, August 4,2012 00:18

Dr. Mohamed Mustafa Hamid, Egypt’s new Minister of Health and Population, affirmed that he will promptly put an end to repeated attacks on hospitals, which have increased in recent months and led to the closure of emergency rooms  in a large number of hospitals.

“I discussed this issue with the Minister of Interior, as well as the Prime Minister and the President during the swearing-in ceremony of the new Cabinet. Crucial steps will be taken without delay to resolve this crisis.”

In a press conference held on Saturday, Hamid added that he will hold a meeting with the Egyptian Medical Syndicate next week on this issue.

“Both doctors and citizens will be familiarized with their rights and duties inside hospitals, so we may change the climate of the medical environment that leads to the occurrence of these incidents.

“Increasing the health-care budget is one of my top priorities, so we can provide all supplies and resources required for hospitals.”

The minister further added that he will soon begin implementation of the health insurance program, stressing the need to start the project even if it is not possible to complete the whole program during his cabinet term, because the country’s health-care will not improve in Egypt except through a solid health insurance system.

“Providing medical services for the poor is also at the top of my priorities list. Those who can afford to pay the cost of medical services – my duty towards them is to improve the quality of medical services provided to them.

“I will certainly not abolish the system of free treatment. However, in time, it will simply be replaced with comprehensive health insurance, through which treatment will be available to all citizens.”

Furthermore, the Health Minister said that as a swift solution to the problem of power cuts in hospitals, he would get special generators installed in all hospitals to prevent power outages from turning into unfortunate tragedies. 


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