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Shura Council: Dahshur Crises Resolved, Christian Families Back Home
Shura Council: Dahshur Crises Resolved, Christian Families Back Home
Egyptian Parliament’s consultative Shura Council has succeeded in resolving recent Dahshur clashes, asserting the rule of law while involving community leaders in reconciliation efforts.
Wednesday, August 8,2012 03:58

A panel tasked by Egypt’s Shura Council (SC), the Islamist-dominated second Chamber of Parliament, to deal with the recent Dahshur clashes, has succeeded in resolving the crisis. The panel was headed by Dr. Mohamed Al-Fiqi, Chairman of the SC’s Economic Affairs Committee.

The panel reached an agreement with all parties concerned for the immediate return of Christian families to their homes in the village – starting from today, Tuesday. This followed a lengthy meeting held at the office of the Governor of Giza and ended Monday evening.

The meeting was attended by the Governor of Giza Dr. Ali Abdul-Rahman, as well as the province’s director of security, five representatives of the Christian side, and five representatives of the village’s Muslims.

The panel further agreed that the province’s local government will allocate one million Egyptian Pounds (US $167,000) for a charitable project to be named after the murdered Muslim “Muaaz Hasaballah”, with the objective of serving and benefiting the entire village community. Muaaz’s father (Mohamed Hasaballah) will oversee the project and its implementation.

The panel commended the efforts of officials investigating the murder, and asserted that those found guilty of crimes committed during the Dahshur events will certainly be punished according to relevant laws, and that everyone must resort to the law in all disputes.

The panel urged a speedy return of Christian families to their homes in the village, stating that it is the duty of every Muslim in the village to protect their Christian neighbors. That is besides the province’s security forces which bear the full responsibility for protecting the village’s people.

The panel highlighted the necessity of activating the role of security forces in the coming period, to arrest criminals and thugs involved in vandalizing the homes of Christian families, especially criminals who came from outside the village.

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