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Rafiq Habib: Accusing Election Winner of Dominating Politics Most Absurd
Rafiq Habib: Accusing Election Winner of Dominating Politics Most Absurd
The Freedom and Justice Party’s Coptic Vice-Chairman Habib finds it illogical that election losers demand to share power with the winner or cry foul.
Sunday, August 26,2012 15:39


Coptic thinker Dr. Rafiq Habib, Vice-Chairman of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), stressed that no party can be accused of monopolizing power when it gets into the seats of political power through elections.

"Voters can choose and get into power, through the ballot-box, a party with a great majority, thus making it able to rule on its own; and they may elect a party into the legislature and also elect its candidate into the executive branch."

In a blog post on his official page in Facebook, Habib further asserted that the party that succeeds in getting a majority cannot be accused of monopolizing politics, because whatever power it holds is a reflection of the will of the masses supporting it.

"Certainly, accusing those who win elections of dominating the political scene runs against the most basic rules of democracy, which means rule by the majority.

"The triumphant party cannot be held guilty while the least successful party is hailed and lauded!"

Dr. Habib further pointed that a party cannot win a majority only to share power with minority parties. He wondered, "What is the point of elections, if the seats of power will be shared or distributed among all?

"What is the meaning of peaceful transfer or cycling of power, if the party that wins the elections shares power with the losers?"


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